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Super Chocolate Oreo Crunch Brownies

Super Chocolate Oreo Crunch BrowniesThese brownies are pure, sinful bliss. I was first introduced to them when I was catering. To make money, while I'm still a newbie actor, I'm doing promotional modeling and occasionally catering. During one catering event (through Mayan Woods Catering), Chef Paul had what he called "Triple Chocolate Oreo Crunch Brownies". They were thick, decadent, frozen brownies with hunks of dark, milk, and white chocolate, oreos, and marshmallows in them. At the end of the night there were tons of leftovers so I took some home. I was so in love with those brownies I immediately started thinking of how to re-create them. When I had another opportunity to work with Chef Paul, I asked him, and he gave me a a general run down. I believe it was only a week later that I made these. I have some confessions: I was lazy/don't have room for a lot of ingredients, so I used boxed brownie mix, I don't really use white chocolate, so I decided to pass on it this time (but that does not mean I won't use it next time or that you should not use it), and I believe this was something of a work in progress. I used a 9 x 13 pan and I think the brownies were just a little too thin to support all the add-ins, it made them extra gooey, so (even though they are still AWESOME) next time I will use a smaller pan so the brownies are thicker, and hopefully they'll hold together better. And because of the goo-factor I really do advise freezing them, it's the only way to keep them from being a mess, and for some reason (and I know this is shocking as I tend to like my desserts warm and gooey) they are just better cold. Ok, enough anticipation, here's the recipe (please feel free to toy around with it, this is not one of those you need to follow to the letter):

Super Chocolate Oreo Crunch Brownies
Super Chocolate Oreo Crunch Brownies
  • Brownie batter (whether it is homemade or boxed, up to you. I used Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix)
  • Sort of eyeball and decide for yourself how many of these you add: dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, mini oreos (or if, like me, you can't find them, just break up regular oreos into pieces), mini marshmallows
  • Make the brownie batter however you normally would
  • Mix the additional ingredients into the batter
  • Pour the entire mixture into a (Pam'd) pan (you decide the size, I used 9 x 13, but next time I'll go smaller)
  • Bake the brownies as normal (although, as per Chef Paul, err on the side of lower temperature for longer time, and when they are done and you put a toothpick in the middle you DO NOT want it to come out clean, you want it to be a little gooeyish still.)
Super Chocolate Oreo Crunch Brownies
it is hard to resist that ooey gooeness that comes out of your oven
  • Let cool for a loooong time, probably put in refrigerator at some point, may even want to let them cool in there overnight. Then, once you can put them in a separate container (or, in my case, cut them and put them in aluminum foil), put them in the freezer.
  • I promise it's worth it-enjoy!
End result: A decadent, insanely chocolatey brownie that has gooey marshmallow in every bite and visible swirls of oreo.
Super Chocolate Oreo Crunch Brownies

Oh, one more confession. I ate one of these just before writing this. And I want another.
update: just ate another
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