Saturday, January 12, 2019

Something Saturdays (1/12/19)

First of all-I intended to have a post for you guys this week but I was going to write said post on Tuesday night to post on Wednesday aaaad...the power went out. So I couldn't. Then we were worried James would get cold in the night so we ended up camping out on the floor by his crib until the power came back on (from about 1am-3:30am). It was miserable and we were exhausted (except for James who had no idea we were there *phew*). End of story is...I didn't get around to the post. 

But next week! Maybe...probably!

Anyway. Back to what's going on outside of blog-land. Last weekend we had so much fun with our friends when they came over (and made homemade pizza! Yum!). Sunday we went to church and Michael's mom tagged along, then his dad and stepmom brought dinner over later. So James was pleased with all the grandparent love. Monday we just hung out. Tuesday Jeanne (Michael's stepmom) came over and hung out a bit which was nice, and then we had the aforementioned power outage in the evening. Wednesday I was just worn out and it was kind of a blah day. Thursday we had dinner out with Michael's dad and stepmom which was fun (James loves going out). Friday we ran some errands. Today I work for the first time in a couple weeks but otherwise it's pretty chill!

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