Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Baby Must-Haves (1-6 Months)

James is 7 months old and I haven't posted any more must-haves since I posted his 0-1 month favorites. So this is LONG overdue! This is what else we've been loving so far. 

(Disclaimer-there are some Amazon affiliate links which I make a small commission from if you purchase after clicking, with no extra charge to you.)

James started eating around 6 months and we looove our high chair. It is SUPER easy to clean (which is a pretty big deal), the height is adjustable (so he can use it pretty much forever), there are wheels on the feet which makes it easy to move around, and we all just love it. 

Ask anyone who has spent any time with James what his favorite toy is and their answer will be swift: hedgehog. He started loving it right around when he started teething (3 months)-partly because it has TONS of great places to chew on, is really easy to grab a hold of for a baby just learning to grab objects, plus it rattles and is cute and stuff. 

I forgot to write about these in my last post, we've been using them since before James was born. Since fabric softener is a no no for babies we got these dryer balls to still keep his clothes soft and now we use them for EVERYTHING. I love that you can reuse them like 1000 times and it's so much cheaper and better for all of us than fabric softener. Woot!

Another one I forgot to post about last time, this is a BIG one. Everyone complains about doing baby nails and this little electric nail trimmer is a GOD SEND. It's like a baby electric nail file (like the kind they use at nail salons).  It has different file strengths for different ages (although I guess James is tough because he's been on the 12 months+ one since he was like 3 months) and just trims those sharp little baby nails down completely painlessly! I will say it totally eats through batteries super quickly and now that James is older he will fight us when we use it but I feel like he'd do that regardless because he hates to be restrained but at least we aren't worrying that we're going to accidentally cut him with nail clippers!

It's summer so we wanted to get some sunglasses for the little guy and these ones are super cute light, flexible, and practically indestructible! (Plus they support autism charities which is pretty cool).

This was a uniquely 3-6 month must-have. Prior to 3 months pacifiers were a designated no-no due to nipple confusion and since he hit 6 months we've mostly stopped using them so he doesn't become attached to them. But the wubbanubs were perfect because they were the only pacifiers he ever really liked and they were pretty much the only teething item he was able to use at first since he started teething so young. Plus they have those cute little animals to hold onto. We have 2 dinosaur ones plus an elephant. 

If you're breastfeeding and pumping this makes storing milk so simple! I've loved this for building my freezer stash.

James' other favorite play item! This book is soft and has bunches of places to chewy + a mirror, a squeaker, and a crinkly page. It has lots to play with and look at and is just super fun for babies.

Like I mentioned, James had some issues with nipple confusion when he was younger and these have REALLY helped with that when he needs to take a bottle. They're specifically created for breastfed babies and are shaped PERFECTLY for them. They also make pace-feeding easier and really just the entire breast and bottle relationship work better. The website has different sizes but James still uses the XS newborn flow rate because anything faster and he just guzzles it lol.

We actually use these as burp cloths (since it's not safe for babies to really have blankets)-James has always been a pretty spit-uppy baby so the fact that these are large and soft and absorbent makes them a fave. (We use the non bamboo kind also, the bamboo ones are just EXTRA soft!)
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