Saturday, August 5, 2017

Something Saturdays (8/5/17)

Woo! This week feels like it's been so busy! Last weekend was my family's family reunion, which is always lots of fun-and there were a couple babies there to play with this year so Michael and I were extra happy. Monday I got some stuff done at home and then also hung out a little with Michael's mom and sister (and her friend, Allie). Tuesday I, again, just got some stuff done. Wednesday was exciting because my friend Kevin took me along with him to the Shawn Mendes concert in Cleveland (with Charlie Puth as the opening act). We were in the fourth row and it was AMAZING. It was both of our first concerts and it was an awesome experience. They were both great, the music wasn't overly loud, my only complaint was how old I felt surrounded my squealing teenaged fangirls lol. Thursday I got more stuff done and then spent some time with Michael's mom, grandparents, and aunt. This was all to help keep my mind off how anxious I was for FRIDAYYY--when we learned the baby's gender!!! Check back for a pregnancy update on Wednesday for more about that lol. But then I ended up spending time with Michael's dad and stepmom and having dinner with them, which was super nice.

And today I'm working a wedding-so all good things!

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Orphan Black-Dang...I had a feeling about S this entire episode. Sad :(

Game of Thrones-More dang...I knew the Lannisters couldn't stay in such a sucky position but ugh I hate it when they win.


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