Saturday, July 22, 2017

Something Saturdays (7/22/17)

Last Saturday's wedding with Perfectly Planned was beautiful and went flawlessly!! And, on the topic, the styled shoot we did a few months back has been featured on Cake and Lace (if you like prettiness you should check it out!) 

Sunday Michael had a paper to write but every one of his aunts and uncles from his mom's side of the family were in town and at his grandpa's house (his mom has 10 siblings and their pretty scattered, so it's a big deal when everyone is in one place at one time)--largely because his aunt and new baby cousin were in town so everyone wanted to see the baby. So-I went without him, and it was so nice to see everybody (and get some baby cuddles)! 

My Barefoot wine work schedule is "currently on hold" (ask me how annoyed I am by that) so I'm currently not able to work until that's taken care of, so I spent most of the week just getting some stuff around the house done, making a few recipes for this blog (yay!), and generally relaxing and being lazy lol. Tuesday I did get to spend some time with our friend and his 3 daughters (the twins were a couple of our flower girls) because he had them for the week. And Thursday I got to spend a little time with my friend Molly and check out her amazing new dance/performing arts studio that she opened (if you're in the Canton area, I hiiighly recommend Inspire Performing Arts Center!) Today is a rare Saturday where...I'm doing nothing! So I'm going to enjoy it!

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Game of Thrones-Arya is still awesome (although wtf was that random scene with Ed Sheeran? Lol) as is Lady Mormont (take that, patriarchy!). Little Finger is still gross. Sansa is still kind of a brat. But like what really matters here is DRAGONSTONE. AND DRAGON GLASS. AND DANY!!!

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