Saturday, April 8, 2017

Something Saturdays (4/8/17)

My obsession with the new Beauty and the Beast movie is still going strong, in case you were wondering. Particularly with Dan Stevens (who plays Beast) and I keep listening to Evermore on loop (but without the Beast voice effects, because I enjoy Dan Stevens) and crying.

Then to lift my spirits I just watch the transformation scene and swoon. Then, on Tuesday, I went and saw it again. I had to.



This week Michael went back to work and school-boo. But, while still on break, on Saturday we had a nice dinner out with my boss, Val, and her husband, Darrin, at Table 6-which was SO GOOD. As always. Monday-Wednesday mostly I just wallowed in my BATB obsession, although I did meet up with one of the brides whose weddings is this month at her venue with some other vendors. Other than that this week has just been boringness and work. And BATB obsessing. 

Posts from this week 
Creamy Chicken Pasta

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Easiest Fresh Pasta (Bev Cooks)
I love how EASY this is.
Rough Puff Pastry (Home Cooking Adventure)
Another quicker/easier way to make something delish!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-"For people in love you two have terrible communication"--most perfect sum up of Aladdin, ever. Also-YO EMMA, HOOK HAS BEEN GONE FOR A MINUTE, NO NEED TO RUSH THROUGH THE WHOLE "MOVING ON" THING. Thank goodness for that end shell moment, I was about to get reeeeal mad.


Supernatural-Dangit, I had a feeling that was going to happen but poor Mick :( :( :( And gah I don't want Eileen to get killed, poor Sam finally has a new potential love interest.

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