Saturday, September 3, 2016

Something Saturdays (9/3/16)

Hellooo my friends.

Hey-good news. I actually have a new recipe coming up this week-woo!

Last weekend I had an awesome time working at a wedding that was on a family's personal estate-it was seriously so beautiful and, even though we had some unexpected storms to deal with, it turned out pretty perfect :) And I'm working another wedding today--FUN FUN FUN! Then om Sunday we had another party at my grandma's pool, at which I swam more than I have in yeeears. It was fun, but exhausting! Monday I just hung out with my brother all day, we watched home movies and ran errands and got lunch at Savor. Then we had dinner with our dad and uncle at Royal Docks Brewing Co.  Then I pretty much just hung out with my brother for as long as possible on Wednesday before he left for his base assignment in Hawaii :( I miss him already!

On the house front-got the quote back for some of the changes I want to make to the house aaaand....they were insanely expensive. (I'm talking for cabinets alone it was $7200 for cabinets, $5000 for the labor of removing old cabinets and installing new ones, and +1250 to move the granite that is currently on the old cabinets.....WHAT?) Soooo we're going to hold off on that for a teensy bit of time (although I'm also going to look into 2nd and 3rd opinions) and try to tackle some projects DIY style (currently that includes a tiny bit of work to make the super small mudroom/laundry room a bit more functional, painting the cabinets in the bathrooms, and painting the brick on the outside of the house--although we may end up hiring out on that. Still researching.) We also got the appraisal back and all is good there soooo yay-things are moving forward!

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