Saturday, August 27, 2016

Something Saturdays (8/27/16)


Last weekend was fun, spending time with family at Hocking Hills. I'm really happy we got to do it! Monday I went with my brother (and my 16 year old cousin tagged along) while he got a new tattoo--my mom and grandma are having a conniption because it's like a quarter sleeve, but it turned out really well! Then I got to take them to go see the house (and my grandma and her cousin and my mom joined us---and our realtor in her daughter, who we're trying to set up with my brother lol). Everyone really liked it-yay! Then my mom, grandma, her cousin, and I went to get some $5 burgers at my cousin's restaurant, Savor.  On the house front, we learned that we had really high levels of radon so we had to find someone to mitigate it and such-luckily the seller agreed to pay for it! Woot. Wednesday I watched some home movies with my brother (they crack us up every time) and then Michael and I met with a contractor at the house to get some quotes on a few projects. THEN Josh (my brother) came over to our house and watched Batman v. Superman with us and spent the night. Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day hanging with Josh again and we also went and saw Sausage Party (ready review below). Today I have a wedding! Fun fun fun.

Currently listening to this song on repeat.

I'm so excited that this is on youtube now: my last film project in NY, and one of my personal faves, Love in Four Panels, a short geeky romantic comedy starring ME! 

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Sausage Party-So, this movie definitely was funny. But like...not as much as I thought it would be? And there's a food orgy scene at the end that...pretty much shocked/traumatized everyone around me (and it was def not a clutch your pearls kind of crowd, and we all like Seth Rogen and his stuff). It was worth watching but I wouldn't see it again. It felt like Seth and his friends got super high and thought up this crazy trippy movie and decided to also make a lot of commentaries about religion while they were at it.

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