Saturday, July 9, 2016

Something Saturdays (7/9/16)

Uhhh so let's address the elephant in the room (OMG IF THERE WAS AN ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM I'D BE SO EXCITED THEY'RE SO CUTE)--I haven't posted any recipes this week. And I sorta kinda have decided to not post any for the rest of July. I've found myself wholly overwhelmed with life, once again, and I just was having a hard time keeping up. So-I'm sorry. But hopefully I'll have lots of tasty recipes to share come August!!

Now, on to life. Sunday we went to a party at my grandma's for a couple hours and then a picnic at Michael's aunt and uncle's for a bit. Monday we saw Finding Dory (SO CUTE! So much more Baby Dory than expected, which was a pleasant surprise!) and then we helped Michael's mom out with moving a little bit more. And then the rest of the week was pretty much work and stuff. I did have to deal with some car issues (I scraped ashamed *sigh*) and I also got to have lunch with Michael's stepmom and her sister and niece on Wednesday, which was fun! 

Today I'm working and then Michael and I are meeting with a realtor! Eeeee wish us luck!

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