Saturday, November 7, 2015

Something Saturdays (11/7/15)

I just had an hour and a half long phone call that has been long over due with my best friend (who lives in St. Louis), so I'm pretty happy right now :)

How was your Halloween? I worked and then Michael and I went to his dad's to help hand out candy to trick-or-treaters and eat dinner, which was fun! Then we went and spent some time with his mom and siblings....and we ended up playing Rock Band until 3AM. This is what happens when you hang out with a college-aged person. Sunday my cousin Emily (the one who lives in NY) was able to stop over and visit with us for a little bit, which is always so fun! Then Michael and I proceeded to do nothing but watch Parks and Rec all day (we're on the 5th season!)

Other than that I just have been doing more help with my old high school's rehearsals for the play-which is next weekend. I'm a little concerned because pretty much no one is memorized (at least not completely) soooo that's scary. And my brother and I hung out on Wednesday because that's our new official hang out day (O'Charleys has this thing called Free Pie Wednesday and he goes crazy for it).

Life has been pretty good, all in all :)

Jimmy Kimmel does this every year and it never gets old:

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-I would like to note that I really feel like Greg and Rebecca are right for each other and that he is/should be the real love interest (and not like her "settling" for him). Not stupid Josh.

Jane the Virgin-AH NO! TEAM RAFAEL! (I mean Michael is fine but....Rafael!)

The Muppets-I loved this episode! Scooter was so funny, I loved the whole Electric Mayhem storyline, and.....KERMIT AND PIGGY GET BACK TOGETHERRRR! puhleeeeeze.

Law & least the parents came through eventually. I found this fictional family less terrible than the Duggars.

Scandal-Oh Lord this Papa Pope thing is gonna bite Liv in the behind.

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