Saturday, September 26, 2015

Something Saturdays (9/26/15)

This week was so much fun!

Monday-Carla (AKA Chocolate Moosey) came to visit me and we spent the day eating our way through Cleveland. We started out by spending some time in the adorable town of Chagrin Falls so we could get some Jeni's ice cream. Which is the best ice cream everrr. Their special of the day was Honey Milk Chocolate with Smoked Almonds and we each got 1 scoop of that. Carla also got a scoop of Salty Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks on a cone and I got a scoop of Salty Caramel in a cup with a wedge of waffle cone. Then we headed into Cleveland to the food mecca that is the West Side Market-ohemgeeee! We were so overwhelmed and I know I def. am going to need a return trip! Carla got a latte from City Roast and a gyro from Steve's Gyros (the line was insane! She said it was really good!) We also shared a banana and nutella crepe from Crepes de Luxe (it was pretty good). And we each got a flavored cannoli from Cake Royale (I got hazelnut and Carla got caramel cappuccino)-they were really unique and quite tasty! Oh, I also got a mini creme brulee macaron from Cake Royale-it tasted sort of like a pizzelle (so...anise?) which was weird but it was good. Then, to re-work up appetites and burn some calories, we drove up to Edgewater Beach/Park and walked around. It was sooo pretty. And then we headed down to Strongsville to try out B Spot (Michael Symon's burger joint!) I got a classic cheeseburger but with griddled onions and Carla got a burger that had mushrooms, grilled onions, and blue cheese. We also got a side of rosemary fries and "pork cracklings" (essentially pork rinds)--it was happy hour so those were each only $1! :) Everything was suuuuper tasty and if you like pickles then it's pretty cool because they have a pickle bar. They also have their beers listed in a way that means Michael could prob. actual order for himself because they're divided into categories (light, medium, dark, essentially). And that was our day-it was so fun and I'm so happy that Carla came in to spend the day with me! (and if you were wondering, Jeni's was def. the highlight!) --scroll down to highlights from instagram for some photos from the day!

On Tuesday I helped with the auditions for my old high school's fall play. It was fun but super hard--like...sometimes the best person for a part didn't get it because they had to do a different part and someone else who was ok at that other part had to do it and...yeah. It's like a puzzle. Also we had to like beg the guy we wanted for the romantic lead to do it----boys in drama clubs at small schools have way too much power lol. But everyone who auditioned got a part so that was good. And my sweet little sister-in-law is one of the leads and I wasn't even playing favorites. But anyway now I'm going to sort of help assistant direct and help with rehearsals when I can. I'm pretty excited about it!

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The Big Bang Theory-Well hooray for Leonard and Penny getting married but booo for the ensuing fight and boo for the Shamy breakup!

The Muppets-EEEE I'M SO HAPPY! Even though Kermit and Piggy had better get back together. Also, the Imagine Dragons at the end were super cool.

Law & is preggers I guess.

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