Saturday, February 21, 2015

Something Saturdays (2/21/15)

This week was INSANE! First there was last weekend being in Baltimore with Michael's family. It was super fun (and the wedding was beautiful. The reception was at the Museum of Industry and it was SO cool. Plus we stayed in a gorgeous hotel right on the harbor,) but SO EXHAUSTING. We barely slept. Then I had a bunch of late night work for Mardi Gras (I had to go to bars and give  people beer...not difficult but way past my bedtime). THEN I went to another wedding dress fitting but my mom got to come and see the transformation (but then she took pics of me in the dress and now I'm all panicky that maybe it's not as great as I thought and maybe I'm too fat? It doesn't help that my alterations woman keeps bringing up that I need to lose and then she pokes where I need to lose the weight...ugh). And we went to go see the apartment my brother is probably going to get. And we bought me a new computer because my old one (that I've had for 7 years) finally bit the dust (it literally broke open, stuff is falling out of it, and it started smoking....yeahhh) so I've been figuring out this new thing and theeeen we went out with Michael's coworkers. And then I had more work. And today I work. And tomorrow my mom, Michael's mom and stepmom, and myself are all going to put together/assemble the wedding invitations.

*big deep breath* so yeah. A lot. And if you're wondering about Wednesday's post, read what I wrote on Friday. --looots of apologies!

Posts from this week
Black Bean Soup {Panera Copy-Cat}
Friday Update

Recipes from the blog that I made this week
Homemade Flour Tortillas
Sicilian "Enchiladas"

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Girls-I feel like this is the best episode there's been in awhile. I sort of loved everything about it.

The Originals-My heart broke for Elijah. And I have actually grown to like Kole so I hope they bring him back. Hope is adorable--but ahhh Dahlia....eeep.  And Josh + Aiden=yayyy! (also fingers crossed for Marcel and Rebekah).

Jane the Virgin-I love love! Rafael and Jane at the end were just too adorable. *sigh* <3

Pretty Little Liars-awww poor Mike. And ugh Toby is being a real jerk. Annnnd I would now be officially surprised if they managed to do the twin thing what with Bethany and Allison being innocent I guess...idk.

Hindsight-So I suppose Becca isn't supposed to be with Andy or Sean? And I'm concerned about Jamie. AND methinks that what breaks up Lolly and Becca might be that she slept with Kevin? Maybe?

Law & Order: SVU-I love Declan. (That actor in general is awesome). And then--ahhh Noah and Olivia just can't catch a break!

The Vampire Diaries-Aghhh no humanity Caroline? No bueno. Yay for Bonnie, though! And intriguing about mama Salvatore.

Reign-Gah. I hate everything going on right now.

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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