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Something Saturdays (11/1/14)

Sunday I had such a wonderful time in Pittsburgh with Carla (Chocolate Moosey)! As you can tell, I survived the drive! It actually was pretty simple. Then Carla took me to a gorgeous French bakery, La Gourmandine. I had a perfectly flaky pain au chocolat as well as some sort of chocolate dessert that reminded me of a giant candy bar. Carla had a beautiful passionfruit macaron. Then we went to the Duquesne Incline which was so cool and had a beautiful view of the city! One of the highlights of my visit was going on a tour at The Cathedral of Learning (University of Pitt), a gorgeous tall building that looked like an old Catholic cathedral inside. There were different rooms that were dedicated to different cultures (based upon immigrants who settled in Pittsburgh)-some of my favorites were the Italian room, Irish room, Lithuanian room, Greek room, and...well....all of them. It was SO fascinating and they were so beautiful! By this point we were starving, so we headed over to Burgatory for the best milkshake I've ever had (Fluffer Nutter) and an amazing burger and homemade potato chips. It totally hit the spot! Carla and I finally just visited a bit at her apartment before I headed back. I had such a great time and I'm so happy Pittsburgh and Carla are only 2 hours away :)

I had a fun-but somewhat unproductive-week! Tuesday I got to go to the shops at First & Main in Hudson with Michael's stepmom. The shops were SO cute and they reminded me of my favorite little spots in NY. So it won my heart. Wednesday I headed back to my and Michael's old high school to spend some time with his mom (a teacher) and sister (a student) and his best friend (also a teacher). While I was there we also booked our ceremony musicians! The director of campus ministry went to the same grade school as I did and so is very familiar with the church where Michael and I are getting married. He has a group of people who do weddings with him and they're extremely popular and in demand and talented! So thrilled I have one more thing crossed off my to-do list!

Friday Michael had the day off (he has to work today though) so we ran some errands (got his passport processed and found a new haircut place for him) and got dinner (steak!). Then I worked a bar crawl in the cold and rain...blech. Today I'm going to a bridal shower for Michael's cousin (she's getting married in February) so it should be fun!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-Hmmm Snow Queen foster mom. I also have a theory that Emma's old friend is Tiger Lily (her name is Lily, she has a star 2nd star to the right...Neverland) but Hook didn't recognize her so maybe not. She's someone, though, I'm fairly certain.

Resurrection-The mystery of vanishing has been solved! Sad about Barbara. And I'm worried about Rachel and Marty. And I'm worried about Margaret in a different way-more in a, "hmmm....what are you going to do next?" sort of way.

The Originals-Dangit. Things are not looking too great right now. Although the cute werewolf and Josh couplings is sweet.

Supernatural-We finally caught up! And it is so. darned. good to have the boys back and Dean just....Dean. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they un-demonized him. *phew*

The Big Bang Theory-Billy Bob Thorton is weeeird.

Parenthood-It's nice how Amber was able to talk a little sense in Ruby. And as sad as Drew going into something he doesn't care about is...I can understand the practicality. Aaaand....the Luncheonette situation is really sad :(.

The Vampire Diaries-Yay Damon! But poor Bonnie. And ugh...I don't like doctor-boy....good thing Damon's back! And it was sweet (sad but sweet) of Lexi to save Tyler.

Reign-Ughh Narcisse....but....hmmm Narcisse? Poor Mary and Francis though.

A-Z and Manhattan Love Story-As much as I try to avoid starting new was only a matter of time before I gave in to these 2 new series. I love a love story.

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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