Saturday, November 15, 2014

Something Saturdays (11/15/14)

I picked the dresses for the bridesmaids! It's a gorgeous short dress from David's Bridal with a lacey one-shoulder top and a flowy, like, chiffon overlay situation on the bottom. This picture doesn't do it justice but here's the idea:
My birthday was this week!!! I had all kinds of fun! My mom took the day off and we went to these adorable shops in a neighboring town (called Hudson). We did some fun window shopping and ate lots of popcorn samples (and mom bought a couple bags to take home :P)
Then we got lunch at this fantastic pizzeria/bakery called 3 Palms. They have authentic Neapolitan pizza (and like...legit. They make it correctly and even their pizza oven is from Naples. This is the first pizza I've had since I moved from NY that I went-YES!) and we got to chat with the super nice owner. cannoli I've had since I left NYC. They use house-made ricotta and it is just perfect-there's even a little bit of cinnamon in the cannoli shells which added sort of a fun surprise.
Then we came home, watched The Big Bang Theory, and my mom went home. After that I went over to Michael's dad and stepmom's house where I got to hang out with them and they gave me my super sweet present. Finally I went home and Michael got back from class. He was very extra sweet to me and then he quickly changed and we headed to this super nice restaurant in the Sheraton hotel that's downtown (like 5 minutes away from us)-called Beau's On the River. I've been wanting to go for awhile but sort of needed an excuse. It was such a breathtaking place-so nice and fancyyy and there are floor to ceiling windows that give a view of the river/falls (which were hard to see in the dark but there was still something magical about the lights inside and the windows and darkness outside...I dunno). Our waiter was crazy nice and all the food was INSANE. At our waiter's recommendation we tried their mozzarella sticks which--I'm hesitant to even call them that because they are in their own class. They melt in your mouth and are made from bread (made from scratch) and cheese and deep fried and...I don't remember I just know I went to heaven when I bit in. Michael had some mussels which were served in a sauce that even I went "mmmm" (to the sauce...I still can't do seafood). And then I got a filet mignon and he got fish and chips. Unfortunately, by this point, Michael was full so he just had a couple bites (which he said were great) and we took the rest home. My steak was cooked perfectly-but I wasn't in love with the lack of seasoning (still good, just not my fave steak)-the mashed potatoes were awesome, though! And finally..I got a piece of peanut butter pie (homemade by the owner's mother-so sweet!). WHICH WAS ALSO AMAZING. The texture was light and silky and I think there might have been crushed butterfingers on top? All I know is YUM! Such a wonderful end to a great birthday :)
And tonight I get to go to my old high school for their fall play! They're doing the female version of The Odd Couple and Michael's sister is in it! I haven't been to a play at Central since I graduated, so it should be fun!

This is for all my fellow Supernatural/Dean Winchester fans.

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-Poor Helga, that was super sad. Nice how they tied the Duke of Weaseltown in too *eye roll*

Resurrection-Yay for Rachel being ok but hoooow? And ugh not another mob of crazy hicks.

The Originals-Duuude...Klaus' dad! Also-omg Esther's sister seems awful (and I imagine we'll be meeting her soon) and poor little Freya.

Law & Order: SVU-The crossover thing was weird.

Modern Family-But I waaaant Haley and Andy to happen.

Parenthood-Poor Max :(

The Vampire Diaires-I don't like Liam. Elena needs to be with a Salvatore brother or no one. I think Elena should just drown for a bit and get those memories back. Or maybe if they can get Bonbon back and to get her magic, she can do it. Also--at the beginning of the episode I realized that the doctor lady must be Malachi's "favorite" sister, the one he let live (mutilated, but alive).

Reign-I wonder how much stuff is lost on people who aren't history-obsessed (like the mention of Francis' cousin being a Bourbon--I know the Bourbons would later be rulers of much of Europe, including France.) Narcisse is a complex dude. Awful but with Lola...intriguing. I hope she can maybe change him (haaaaa, classic lady thoughts). Thoughts on Claude & Bash-ewwww incest. Claude is gross. Much disliking.

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