Saturday, August 23, 2014

Something Saturdays (8/23/14)

I mean...there are no words for my excitement! We went with Secrets Capri Riviera in Riviera Maya. It's an adults only, preferred club, ocean-front resort and we have an all inclusive package (seriously: flights, stay, food, drinks, activities, taxes, AND gratuities, all included!) It's a "smallish" resort (290 suites which, compared to the 4-500 of most resorts we looked at, is small) and I'm hoping it'll be quiet and relaxing and romantic <3 Mmmm. And we get to spend 7 nights (just a bit over 7 days) there!! I cannot get over it. June cannot get here fast enough!

Oh...and we also published our wedding website (plus a 2nd one because I couldn't choose just 1 :P)-feel free to give a look if you're interested!

We also did Michael's first "groom try on" for his tux-a couple things didn't fit quite right so we have another one for next week but over all-he looks good!! Pretty excited about what a handsome groom I'll have :). Later on we spent some time with his dad and stepmom (and a little bit with his brother and sister-in-law) and then we went to our first marriage prep session with our parish's priest. We learned the results of the test we had taken and found out what areas we need to discuss/work on (and how compatible we are in other ways)--we got some "homework" for that lol.

Additionally I had to get something else fixed on my car. Yippee. Michael also had his orientation day for grad school and his classes start this coming week :( This is going to be a hectic, busy, stress-filled time...I can tell. Ugh. Fingers crossed it all goes ok and is worth it! (That said he said orientation was really nice!)

...I also worked out yesterday for the first time in I don't even know how long. My brother helped me out and we went to my fitness room (finally!) It was great but...ugh...I hate it. Whyyy can't I just look perfect without effort, hmmm? :P

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