Saturday, May 24, 2014

Something Saturdays (5/24/14)

Hello my friends! Happy Memorial Day weekend (for all my fellow Americans)-do you have any fun plans? Normally my mom's family opens my grandma's pool and we have a big get together on Sunday. However, this year the pool is having work done so we're not really doing anything. *shrug*

Big occurrences of the week:
  1. Went garage sale-ing! Found some cool stuff but also got gipped on the boardgame of Life. They said it had all the pieces. They lied. (It was only $2, but still!)
  2. Went to Michael's cousin's bridal shower: it was stunning and so much fun to hang with his family.
  3. Took my first solo grocery outing. It was awesome.
  4. My brother came by to eat soup. Then he left. I think this is my life now.
  5. Went shopping for engagement shoot clothes (we're taking the photos on June 12th!). I got a red off the shoulder top from the clearance rack of Charlotte Russe and a red dress from the clearance rack at deb's. I also got this adorable rose print dress from Forever 21! Generally obsessed about engagement photos. 
  6. Officially committed to wearing my mom's wedding gown. It's going to need a good amount of alterations but I've always dreamed of wearing it and I think it can be really beautiful. But of course, because I'm not 100% sure what it will end up looking like, it's also super risky and is sort of giving me a bunch of anxiety.
  7. Drove to and around Cleveland. Hated it-had a million stressful wrong turns/hitting barrels/near-death experiences. Michael and I were very tense. We also went to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History which was fun and cute but VERY small. Then we went to Melt-which I liked (but didn't love) and Michael really didn't care for. Overall a pretty disappointing day.
  8. Worked! Babysat our friends' adorable baby and I did my first shift/shadow training for wine tastings. Pretty cool with it. 
  9. Also bought a new swimsuit (although Victoria's Secret had to order it in the color I wanted so I don't have it in my possession yet: but it is single handedly the best a swimsuit has EVERRR looked on me!): I got this top plus this bottom in "aqua reef" :D
  10. Tomorrow Michael and I are going to Mass with his cousin (the one for whom the aforementioned shower was thrown) and her fiance', who live just a couple minutes from us. We need to find a parish so let's see if this is the one! OH and also tomorrow I GET TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND! I haven't seen her since I got back (she lives 2-3 hours away in Columbus) so I'm sooo excited. Plus I'm going to meet her boyfriend for the first time (and they've been together-on and off-for like 4 years. eep)!
In other news, you guys remember by friend Susan, The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen?? WELL she is opening her own all natural, small batch, organic/preservative-free bakery!!! AND (there's more) she has a kickstarter page up to help her get her business going. This is where it gets fun: if you pledge certain amounts of money to help her, you can earn incentives such as one of her cookie boxes, a subscription to her cookie of the month club, a dessert party (or dinner AND dessert party), even a private baking lesson! SO MUCH COOL STUFF! So go help her out and get yourself some awesome stuff (seriously, I've tasted her baking: YOUWANTIT). Susan I am so excited for you! Go get 'em, girl! I know you'll be a giant success :)

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Recipes from the blog that I made this week
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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers) least Dean's not dead? Aghhh I had a feeling about this. I don't know. I just....I don't know. Next season is going to be very different I imagine. (Michael has a theory where they'll do the trials again and Dean will be the demon they redeem. But then who will undergo the trials??! Michael says maybe Cas, and then Cas will die, but he'll come back because "HE'S GOD". Michael's pretty sure Castiel is God. I think...maybe?)

Law & Order:SVU-Hm, the Amaro situation ended up better than I thought it would, and it was nice to see Munch. But mostly...I'm so happy for Olivia. She finally gets to be a mommy!

Modern Family-Awwww so much cutenesssssss!

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
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