Saturday, May 17, 2014

Something Saturdays (5/17/14)

First of all-Mother's Day was a success! It was so amazing to hear my brother tell me I made the best garlic bread ever. And also see him eat 5 of the s'mores cupcakes I made him (No...I am not exaggerating). And to be able to feed my mom too lol, and just have the 3 of us together again. It was a great day!

Ahh this week! My first full Ohio-living week! Michael has been happier than I can ever remember him being. It's been pretty fantastic. We've started getting more things done-we hung up the key hook, moved the dining room hanging light (it was so low that even I hit my head on it-now it's much higher!lol), hooked up our DVD players, unpacked all our movies and games (although they're not all where they go yet), I got back in the kitchen and got to start to try out my new food photography setup (it's gonna take some practice but I think it's gonna be really good!), we got a new couch (a huge thank you to Michael's dad and Jeanne!), we've been to so many family events, and have been way more social than I like even know what to do with. Oh and I've been driving a bunch, and no one has died yet (it's been going pretty well actually!) Oh and we met with 3 wedding photographers. And picked and booked one. !!!

Our wedding photographer is Joseph (Joe) Tate of JTate Design. His work is lovely and I'm so excited to get our engagement pictures taken next month and share with you guys!!! *happy dance* next up are dj's! lol #weddingplanningbootcamp

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Recipes from the blog that I made this week
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Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Mud Hen Bars (Crazy for Crust)
I literally might make these today.

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-I loved this episode. And yeah, maybe I cried when Emma finally called Snow & Charming Mom and Dad and said she missed them and hugged them...*sniffle*...anyway. And I'm still sad about Neal dying so Prince Neal might've gotten me misty agaaain. And then Captain Swan was full steam ahead! And then Rumple & Belle got married!! And Regina and Robin and his kid were SO cute and then...ughhh crapola...Marian. I mean...I know it's theoretically good but it's also NOT. Poor Regina :( No fair. And finally *gasp* NUH UH ELSA??!!! FORREALS???!!!!!!!!!!! OMGEEEEE

Glee-They're trying to make us think way more time has passed with these people in NY than has (at least for us viewers). It was also beyond dumb what they did with Mercedes and Sam's relationship. At least the Blaine/Curt thing worked out. And I enjoyed the nod to-what I assume was-Girls/Lena Dunham.

The Originals-*sob* Rebekah taking the baby (Hope) many feels. At least Haley and the baby are alive but *sniffle* it was such an emotional finale. And nowwwww.....ARE MIKAEL AND ESTHER AND FINN BACK??! gahhh!

Law & Order:SVU-Oh no...Amaro :(

Supernatural-Oh Dean...oh dear. I don't even know what's gonna happen now. Also...since when are reapers/Tessa angels?

The Vampire Diaries-WHAAAAT??! No way. Damon isn't gonna stay dead or disappear or whatever....right? (on a positive note: yay Alaric! And yay for everyone else who came back from the dead-except maybe Enzo.)

Reign-King died, bummer. Lathe sad-bummer. Lola's entire situation-bummer. Francis probably catching the plague and that full on killing him later-major bummer. Oh yeah and so is the Black Plague.

The Big Bang Theory-Poor Amy (and Sheldon)! But yay for Penny & Leonard and things working out for Raj and Bernadette and Howard (and...sort of Stewart I guess?)

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
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