Saturday, May 11, 2013

Something Saturdays (5/11/13)

(OMG he's so funny watch this video he made)

And thusly I'm busy. Today we're hitting the Museum of Natural History.


Aaaand, in case you didn't realize. THE BLOG REDESIGN IS DONE! Whattya think??! I lurrrve it!
-there are a few kinks I need to work out, like the commenting system, but hopefully that will all be fixed soon :D-
(so many thanks to Jenn from Munchkin Land Designs for being so patient and helping me figure out what I wanted, and bringing this whole thing together! And to Lauren from HeyHey Designs for making my little cartoon me come to life! Both of these ladies are AMAZING!)

Also a big shout out to Something Swanky for posting 2 amazing posts that led to those snazzy social media icons you see there on the sidebar! Click here for post 1 and post 2.

Stay tuned for a Mother's Day post tomorrow (which will replace this week's Monday post).

Oh today. (Josh and I have giggled and quoted this incessantly since yesterday)

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
The Host-Ok...I get why movies have to change some stuff from books, but some things it just seems like they change for the hell of it! Like, Melanie's dad killing himself? That didn't happen! He was possessed by a seeker and led the other seekers to Melanie and Jamie, that's what made it so heartbreaking! Anyway, other than that and some other nitpick-y details, it was pretty good. Not the best movie ever, but better than Twilight (it helps that the acting was better).

Once Upon A Time-Oh man. Peter Pan is a terrifying, evil shadow that steals children and holds em hostage. But FINALLY we find out more about what's up with Tamara and Owen/Greg! AND THEN NOOOOO NEAL!!!! *sob* theloveandthentheportalandwhaaaaaa! He had better survive and find his way back *harumph*

How I Met Your Mother-Stopit. STOPIT. Do not make Robin and Ted get the feelings again. And also don't mess up hers and Barney's relationship, I like them together!

(aaand...another week where we're behind on shows. Oops.)

Instagram Lately (a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
I should note: that pregnant photo of me....I'm not pregnant. It's a fake belly I'm using for a movie :P

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