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Something Saturdays (3/9/13)

First of all:
HAYLEY'S HERE!! OMG OMG OMG! We're probably having all sorts of fun right now, and we'll probs be instagramming a lot of it, so feel free to follow our exploits @thedomesticrebel and @kayleblogna

Now, back to business.

This week marked the 1 year anniversary of the Food Bloggers Network! A facebook group of food bloggers formed by the lovely Jessica of Oh Cake, FBN is a spam-free environment where we can just talk like people, share knowledge, and ask questions. I can absolutely, 100% say that FBN changed my blog. Before it I was barely getting any views, had very little know how, and was just a general beginner. In the past year my views have skyrocketed and I am constantly learning new things, and I credit all of that to the awesomeness of the Food Bloggers Network and it's members. I've made so many friendships and have learned so so much. <3
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Ravioli with goat cheese and spinach filling in parmesan cream sauce (Julia's Album)
This recipe looks SO delicious and comforting, and also super fancy.
Creamy Garlic Shells (Iowa Girl Eats)
So....creamy, so....flavorful...

Movies/TV Talk
Once Upon A Time-The actress who played Snow's mom was so perfect, she looks like she'd be her mom, and I love how she taught Snow to be a good person :). I'm also glad that it's now been established Neal/Bae spent some time in Neverland, I was wondering why he wasn't older. BUT OMG (SPOILERS) Cora murdered Snow's mom! AH!! OMG! She just keeps getting worse and wooorse. Pure evil. And of course she murdered Johanna anyway *sigh*. And she has the dagger, now, perfect. I also called Bae having a gf, the fiance' angle kinda sucks though. Aaaand at the very end when Snow said she was gonna kill Cora, Michael said, "Why is that bad?" Lol, he has a point.

Girls-Reasons why I loved this episode: 1. Adam was in it and somehow I grew to love him. 2. Shosh & Ray! 3. I'm pretty sure that Valerie from The Princess Bride was the lady who fixed Adam up with her daughter. Reasons I hated this episode: 1. Marnie is so weird with the whole Charlie situation. 2. Why must Hannah's relationship with her parents be so mean in some ways? 3. All of a sudden Hannah's OCD? 4. GAH! Shoshanna! Don't make out with the door man!

Cougar Town-I hate open endings too, Jules. I loved Grayson and Bobby helping Travis learn to be a "playa" though, hahahaaa.

The New Normal-I don't get why some shows air their episodes out of sequence?? This ep is obviously from an earlier point of the season, I mean it's Halloween. I do not understand at all why it's just airing now.

Pretty Little Liars-Coincidences at Radley. Mona confusion. And oh look the show is re-establishing the forbidden part of the forbidden romance between Ezra&Aria (ugh).

The Big Bang Theory-DISNEY LAND!!! I dunno why all those girls wanna be Cinderella, there are way better princess options. I like Raj's adorable text date. And oh how embarrassing watching the guys try to talk the girls into liking science, I don't think they could have swayed me. But wait AH THE GIRLS ARE SO CUTE AS PRINCESSES! ahahahaaa Howard was so excited to see Bernadette as Cinderalla ahahahaaa and so was Leonard. Apparently princesses are a turn on? (For everyone not Sheldon, poor Amy).

Glee-Good job Glee, it IS snowing in NYC right now! And omg yes a Blaine Moulin Rouge "Come What May" love song with Kurt (Michael and I used to sing this song with each other alot <3)! Looove. I'm also obsessed with Santana living in NYC with Rachel and Kurt, awesomeness. Bravo Emma's dad on calling out the weirdness that is no one figuring out college until they're seniors when in real life they do that a year earlier. I liked the boys vs. girls mash ups but found it kind of weird that they just used the Moulin Rouge exact mash up for the girls. It didn't really make a lot of sense. AH BUT OMG THE SAY ANYTHING MOMENT! PERFECT. And then the perfectly dramatic series of events for the end-Jake's mad at Marley, Will's mad at Finn, and...Santana and Rachel hugged
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I love it when you try & want to share recipes you found here! Please just rewrite in your own words, use your own photos, & always link back to me! Thanks!

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