Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something Saturdays (12/1/12)

Hello my friends!

This week has been sorta weird, like, I babysat, then I spent a full 3 hours wandering around Bloomingdales (and feeling very out of place, but then triumphant when I got to purchase a dress--which I'm being reimbursed for--that I love for a short film I'm starring in, and will then get to keep ^_^), then I thought I was going to be filming but that got canceled last minute, then I spent a good chunk of yesterday hanging out with a girl who was one of my best friends in grade/middle school who just moved here (which was SOMUCHFUN) and today I'm working and then tomorrow Michael and I are Christmas decoratiiiing! Yay!

And for you guys I have an extra special event coming up this week...a surprise party...if you will. Stay tuned on Wednesday to see what I have in store ;).

Posts from this week
Recipes from the blog that I made this week
Linguine con aglio e olio d'oliva "Oil Pasta"

Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)
DIY Whole Grain Pancake Mix (Whipped)
Healthy, delicious pancakes. A no fuss mix. An awesome gift. This recipe is awesome on so many levels!
Peanut Butter Cream Fulled Donuts (How Sweet It Is)
Um...wha...that just sounds awesome.

Movies/TV Talk
Dexter-aww I Isaac was kinda growing on me.

How I Met Your Mother-I love how they're capitalizing on how "Brad" has become a sex symbol since being Alcide on True Blood and in Magic Mike :D Hahahaaaa. Also a big fan of seeing how "bad-ass" everyone apparently was.

Gossip Girl-arghghhhhhh! No! Dan! You d-bag! And poor Chuck!

The New Normal-such an adorable episode. This show is really growin' on me. :)

Supernatural-ahahahaaaaa classic Cas! SUCH a great, funny, classic Supernatural ep!

The Big Bang Theory-Oh boy Amy Farrah Fowler...oh boy :P
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