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Spotlight on The Messy Baker

Do you guys know Jennie, The Messy Baker? You should.
Jennie is amazing. Her blog is gorgeous. Her food is delectable.
And for some reason she always acts like she likes my blog. MY blog?! This little thing? She was one of the first people that started liking The Cooking Actress and I was just like, "Hi, I'm not sure if you're aware but your blog is like way out of my blog's league." But she appears to not care. And, thusly, has become one of my best bloggie buds! I absolutely adore her and I know you guys will too! Jennie and I are doing each other a solid and sponsoring each other (AKA featuring each other's buttons on our side bars, and writing a special spotlight post about the other)-hence this splendiforous post. Which is pretty much an ode to how much I love her. Sorry guys. Don't puke. We just adore each other, k? We're gonna have a lil Q&A, a round up of my favorite Messy Baker recipes, and some great ways you guys can all go follow The Messy Baker! Oh, and also, go check out what Jennie did for my spotlight over on her blog. (hint: it might be these cookies!)

Q&A with Jennie "The Messy Baker"
Q: Hi! (That's not really a question but...yeah. Hi)
A: *Waves* Hello Kayle and Kayle fans!

Q: Let's start with the obligatory question: How'd you get into food blogging, and why?
A: I've been having a love affair with food ever since I was a child, so, naturally, when I grew up and started attending college for English, I figured why not put my skills to the test and start writing about food. Life has been delicious ever since. 

Q: If it was your last day on earth, what would your perfect meal be?
A: I would feast on my mom's pot roast, my great-grandmother's spaghetti pie, my dad's potato salad, my grandmother's smothered steak, and end the meal with a healthy serving of creme brûlée. Hey, if it's going to be my last day, then I'm going to go out with a bang!  
(she's my kinda girl!)

Q: What is the thing you've made that you've been the most proud of?
A: I would have to say the birthday cake I made for myself back in June. It was three different shades up pink! 
(It was such a pretty cake!!)

Q: What kind of stuff did you cook/bake growing up, when you were just a little Jennie?
A: I still remember the very first from scratch chocolate cake I made at age seven. It was the moistest chocolate cake ever, and it was piled high with fudgy frosting. And, because I loved baking so much as a child, Santa Claus brought me a Kitchen-Aid mixer for Christmas.  
(Wow, I wish Santa Claus had loved me as much as he loved you. Lucky duck. Hmmm....SANTA...I'VE BEEN REALLY GOOD THIS YEAR, HONEST! MAYBE HOOK A GIRL UP WITH A KITCHEN-AID STAND MIXER??)

Q: What's your favorite thing that has come out of food blogging?
A: Why, you, Kayle :) I would have to say the friends that I've made along my food journey. The food community has to be the nicest community, and everyone is so supportive. And, I get to quality test my products. Yum!
(Hehehee....me too :D)

Q: What's your favorite spice?
A: Cayenne. I love spicy food, and cayenne is the perfect spice to add some warmth in the background. It's even good in hot chocolate. 

Q: Sweet or savory?
A: I love both, but I'm a sweetie at heart. If I could eat donuts for breakfast everyday, I would be one happy gal, however, my waist line disagrees. 
(*nods in sympathy*)

Q: Favorite drink?
A: Non-alcoholic- Arnold Palmer. I love that stuff! Alcoholic- Coconut Mojito. Mmm, now I want one. 

Q: Cake or Pie?
A: Cake or pie? You're gonna make a girl choose? Cake for breakfast and pie for a midnight snack? I can't choose; I want both. 
(Sorry...that was cruel of me.)

Q: Cookies or Cupcakes?
A: You can't go wrong with cookies; they're instant gratification, and I like the fact that I can enjoy a homemade cookie in t-minus 20 minutes. 

Q: If you could model your dream kitchen, what are a few things you'd NEED?
A: This may be a long list. I would want my kitchen to open up to my family room, so I could enjoy my friends and family while I cook. A faucet by the stove would be handy; no more breaking my back trying to carry a heavy pot of water from my sink to the stove. A pantry. A double door, restaurant-size refrigerator, because this gal likes to eat. And, an island so I could easily roll out dough. 
(Yes...yes. That sounds like heaven)

Q: Favorite kitchen tool/gadget?
A: My immersion blender. No more splatters or burns trying to transfer my soup or jam from pot to blender. It really is the best tool. 

Q: How messy are you, really?
A: I'm a hot mess in the kitchen. Flour and I have a major disagreement. I want the flour in the bowl, however, it wants to cover my kitchen, floor, and dog, in a thin layer of dust. Bowls, batter, frosting, and kitchen utensils find themselves scattered across every possible piece of counter available. I wouldn't mind having a professional dish washer and quicker picker upper for the aftermath.   
(...me too. Michael makes fun of me. He says you and I are friends because I'm messy too...*sigh*)

Q: Non-food related questions--What's your favorite color? Your favorite animal?
A: I love pink! I'm a total girl. And, my grandfather promises to buy me a teacup pig when I move to a single family house with a yard. 
(OMG! Michael and I want to get a teacup pig someday!! So cute!!!)

Q: What's a brief rundown of a day in the life of Jennie?
A: I work and go to school, so I'm a bit busy these days. Usually, I get up and either go to work or school, then I come home, make dinner, do some homework, blog a bit, and spend any extra time I have with my hubby.

Q: What is your biggest dream?
A: I would love to open my own bakery one day and do a bit of freelance food writing. Ultimately, spread the love through food. 
(That sounds awesome!)

Q: Where do you want to be in 5 years (in general life and bloggy-dom)?
A: I hope to still be blogging and, hopefully, selling my baked goods to hungry, cake loving foodies. 

Q: How much do you love Kayle, and why? :P Teeehehehee
A: Why do I love Kayle? Have you seen this girl's recipe index? There's a recipe for every craving. And, she's my cookie soul sister. Thanks for interviewing me Kayle! 
(Awww this was a reeeally egotistical question for me to ask. You're a sweetie to stroke my ego. I'm so happy you answered all my questions-you are amaazizzing!!)

Um...so yeah. As you can see-Jennie is the fab.

Nutella Swirl Donut Muffins
Buttery Herbed Potatoes
Extra Crispy Fried Chicken
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
S'mores Milkshake
Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundae
Turtle Brownies

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