Saturday, February 8, 2014

Something Saturdays (2/8/14)

In case you haven't heard, Michael and I have a date set for our wedding! :D
(and I got my first wedding related freak-out out of the way. We initially booked Occasions for June 6th, but then when I called the church they were booked on that date. SO we ended up going with June 20th, which was sort of the date I didn't want BUT it's totally ok and at least we got both places and it's going to be amazing!)

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Microwave Caramel Popcorn (Pies and Plots)
SO quick and SO addictive!
Whole Wheat Monkey Bread Bites (Hidden Fruits and Veggies)
This is just the monkey bread recipe I've been waiting for!
S'more Lava Cake (Grandbaby Cakes)

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Teen Wolf-Oh nooo! Is Stiles the Nogitsune? Noooooo!

How I Met Your Mother-I love that Barney passed on his wisdom, and Marshall and Lily are gonna stay in NY. And that Ted finally let go of Robin even though HE SHOULD HAVE LET HER GO 8 YEARS AGO! For pete's sake they were all wrong for each other, ughhh

Supernatural-I enjoyed the basic hunt and general light-heartedness of the majority of this episode but...the end...I just....I am so sad about what's going on with Sam and Dean's relationship. It's completely bumming me out.

The Original-Good news: I enjoy learning about the wolves. Bad news: EVERYTHING ELSE. Kieran is hexed, Celeste is eviiiiil, Monique killer her own aunt....sheesh!

Criminal Minds-inteeeeense!

Law & Order:SVU-Olivia should adopt that little baby!

The Vampire Diaries-Well, I'll give Katherine-as-Elena one thing: she wants Stefan back, which I can support. However, ELENA HAD BETTER NOT BE GONE FOR GOOD! Additionally...oh dear...poor Damon....eesh.

Reign-So many things, this episode had a lot going on. It was pretty awesome. I'm kind of said Henry and Catherine didn't end up actually rekindling their love. I'm also so conflicted about Mary with Bash because I like them together but I also like Francis and I know that's who she'll probably actually end up with (at least if this is going to follow history at all...of course then Francis will die. So it's a big bummer all around).
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