Saturday, August 30, 2014

Something Saturdays (8/30/14)

The struggles of having small wrists. My life.

This map of "if each state had an official dessert"=awesome. Ohio got Buckeyes, which makes perfect sense.

This week Michael started school. So far, so good! He seems to really like his professor's and be excited about classes-fingers crossed he stays happy and it doesn't get too overwhelming.

Mostly I've just been working and getting things done around the house this week! I also have been working on setting up florist appointments (and getting sticker shock when realizing how pricey those flowers are gonna be...ugh! And no-silk flowers or no/almost no flowers aren't gonna cut it. *sigh* I am trying to keep it under control with as few of flowers as I can get away with, so I suppose we'll seeeee)

One highlight was Michael doing another groom tux try on with American Commodore-he looked so good! I'm so excited for how handsome he'll look at our wedding! LOVE the tux! AND-that night Michael and I went to eat at The Office (a restaurant we love) downtown. It was one of the only times we've been able to have a nice dinner out just the 2 of us since we moved back, so it was really nice.

Another happy point was Victoria's Secret Swim Sale--woooot for 2 bikinis that cost less than 1 usually does!! Plus...they're both white. Hello honeymoon :D.

Tomorrow I have my dad's family's family reunion-this will be my first time seeing most of that extended family since I moved to NY-I'm excited to see some of the people (but bummed that when people ask if they can see my engagement ring I'll have to show them a picture, since Jared still has it while they make my wedding band).

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No-Churn Fluffernutter Ice Cream-Guest Post with The Spiffy Cookie
Why I Smile-and a #FreshGuard Review #spon

Recipes from the blog that I made this week
Pan Roasted Potatoes
Butter Cream Chicken--but then I accidentally put baking powder in instead of cornstarch and ruined the sauce. --womp womp--

Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)
Peanut Butter S'mores Parfaits (Keep It Sweet Desserts)
These are little shot glasses of HEAVEN!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Teen Wolf-huh...that whole dead pool thing ended...rather anticlimactic-ly....and now Peter wants to kill Scott? Random.

Finding Carter-Ugh. That ending. Noooo. Carter! People were finally all honest'd up! And, as usual, I 6 times like Taylor and Max. (and I swear to God if all that blood next episode is Max's I will FLIP. THE EFF. OUT!)

Married at First Sight-Vaughn and Monet aren't gonna make it. I'm 80% sure. Fingers crossed for the other 2 couples. Jamie needs to understand that people aren't perfect and 1 lie does not mean it will spiral into an abusive relationship--I get why she's paranoid but she needs to work on it a bit. Hopefully her and Doug can come back from "the lie".

Pretty Little Liars-WOW. Poor Mona (although tech. she majorly outlived the book version of her character)-it's awful but I was so relieved it wasn't Caleb. I'm def. feeling like they're not going to do the twin plot twist which was so awesome in the books. Which sucks because it was amazing. Stupid show. Like...why make up some random Bethany character when they couldn't done the Courtney/Ali thing??

Hot in Cleveland-Eeeep I was so embarassed during that whole recorded acceptance thing!

Girl Meets World-Just saw the episode that premiered on 8/15 and....totally called the fact that Farkle was supposed to be  Minkus. Of course he's Minkus's son. Makes perfect sense. But then....they took the girl Shawn (Mya)'s mom...and made her Southern...and a slacker parent...who spins crazy stories...(hmmm sound like one Mr. Hunter, perhaps?)

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Why I Smile-and a #FreshGuard Review #spon

I'm a very bubbly, happy person. I generally have a smile on my face. And it's been a requirement of pretty much every job I've ever had: as a hostess, promotional model, actor, and childcare professional-smiling is key! Even so, I've had people come up and tell me "Why do you smile so much?" "You smile a lot!" etc.
My response? The more I smile the happier I feel! Plus-why not smile? Life isn't perfect but life is GOOD.

Why do I smile?

I have people who love me and that I love. I'm planning my dream wedding to my best friend. I'm home, surrounded by family and friends. The sky is a beautiful shade of blue. The sun feels divine on my skin. Chocolate chip cookies are delicious. My steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare. And I spent 3 years in braces-I might as well show off this smile that it took me so long to get!!

Here's my little dental story: I was 10 and realized one of my teeth was turned almost completely sideways. I went to the dentist. She sent me to an orthodontist. Turns out, I was losing my baby teeth so fast that there wasn't enough room in my mouth for my adult teeth-causing "crowding". Plus, I had an overbite. So then, after I lost my last baby tooth (not too long later, I was still 10-almost 11) I got braces. And a bite plate. And then I had headgear to wear at night for 6 months. I had a variety of bands. I generally went through a decent amount of pain until I was 13 and finally got my braces removed (for the record-it was all worth it)! Then I had to wear retainer (upper and lower) for a year...and ever since I have worn them at night (not every night, but most nights). And after all these years? My retainers got kinda gross.

Fresh Guard™ to the rescue!!

Fresh Guard™ is specially formulated to clean mouth guards, retainers, and clear braces. Fresh Guard™ Soak kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in just 5 minutes while Fresh Guard™ Wipes offer a convenient on-the-go cleaning solution with no water needed. Visit for more information, store locator and coupons!
Up until now, I've only been able to use a toothbrush to clean my retainers-which doesn't quite pass muster. Fresh Guard™, however, "is specially formulated for retainers, mouthguards and removable braces. It delivers a Complete Clean – 1) prevents the build-up of mouth film for a clean feel, 2) removes odor-causing bacteria for a fresh and clean smell, and 3) reduces yellowing and helps remove stains for a clean look."

Since I only wear my retainer at night-and since it was in such dire need of a good clean-the Fresh Guard™Soak was best suited for me. I just followed the super easy to follow directions and then-in only 5 minutes-my retainers were magically cleaned! Fresh Guard™Soak does say that for especially dirty retainers it may take a couple soaks (and even then some stains are not removable). I soaked my retainers twice (even though they were pretty clean after the first time!)-by the end my top retainer was perfectly clean and the bottom just had a couple stains, which is totally understandable. These things are over 10 years old, so I was very impressed by how clean they turned out! I'm definitely going to be using the Fresh Guard™Soak periodically to keep my retainers sparkling clean and minty fresh-another reason to smile! :)

To learn more about Fresh Guard™ visit their website or view this super informative (and fun!) video. And, an added incentive to try Fresh Guard™, click on this link to get Fresh Guard™ coupons and special offers!

What puts a smile on your face?

(Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fresh Guard™. I received promotional items and Fresh Guard™ products in exchange for my participation. The opinions and text are mine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No-Churn Fluffernutter Ice Cream-Guest Post with The Spiffy Cookie

I know I know, you thought I was done with the guest posts! got a little overwhelming so my wonderful friend Erin (AKA The Spiffy Cookie) stepped up and volunteered to share a little something with you guys. I've guest posted on her site before so I'm so happy to introduce this super fun, former Buckeye (she still loves chocolate and peanut butter, though!), wonderful blogger/cook/baker to you again! And look! Erin brought ice cream! With pb! and marshmallow! HOORAY!
Hello again Cooking Actress readers! Erin here from The Spiffy Cookie giving Kayle a break from blogging while she plans for her upcoming wedding. Kayle is such a wonderful person and I couldn't be happier for her. She and Michael are the cutest! I was lucky enough to meet her in NYC last year but now that she has moved back to Ohio I really need to pay her another visit, especially since she lives in the same town as some of my other friends.
Today I am sharing a recipe for my new obsession, no-churn ice cream. This recipe is so easy and delicious it almost makes ice cream makers obsolete. All you need for the base is 1 pint of heavy cream and 1 can of sweetened condensed milk. The churning aspect of ice cream is substituted by whipping the heavy cream with an electric hand mixer. Fold in the sweetened condensed milk and any other flavor additions and it's ready for the freezer. But of course you already knew all of that since Kayle has shared an extensive list of easy no-churn ice cream flavors.

Normally the hardest part of making no-churn ice cream is deciding on a flavor. I did ponder whether or not a browned butter ice cream could be possible since Kayle is the browned butter queen but thankfully Kayle is as much of a peanut butter lover as I am which made the decision much easier. After discovering the magical results of adding marshmallow creme to no-churn ice cream I went with fluffernutter ice cream, complete with marshmallow bits and a magic peanut butter shell.

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I love it when you try & want to share recipes you found here! Please just rewrite in your own words, use your own photos, & always link back to me! Thanks! :)

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