Saturday, September 24, 2016

Something Saturdays (9/24/16)

We've just been cleaning and cleaning and packing and moving and yeah. Busy busy busyyyy! And it's only 1 more week until the big official move!

But, today I'm coordinating a wedding. It should be beautiful and lots of fun!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Chocolate Stout Ice Cream

My hubby likes porters and stouts. But he also doesn't really drink much, especially if there's no one drinking with him (and I don't drink sooo...)--so long story short, we've had a couple bottles of Michael's favorite milk stout sitting in our refrigerator since like November. And he had an ice cream craving. So I made him a treat!
Here's a hilarious fact--this ice cream is technically somewhat alcoholic. Michael kept telling people that the alcohol cooked out and then I had to inform him that no...the ice cream isn't cooked at all after the addition of the beer. So technically yeah there's some alcohol in there. Then he asked if I'd been getting him drunk on ice cream and I gave him the eye roll to end all eye rolls.

Anyway, probs don't give this ice cream to your children. This is purely for adults.
For the record--I didn't think the ice cream tasted like beer at all. I thought it was just super chocolatey, which I, of course, am always totally here for. Michael said he could tell, but who ever knows with that guy. Anyway-the ice cream is super dense and chocolatey and pretty awesome. And you can use up any stouts or porters you may have hanging out in your refrigerator. So it's pretty much good stuff all around.

Oh! And make sure you read these instructions before getting your hopes up for ice cream ASAP--the mixture needs to chill for awhile before being able to be put into the ice cream maker. Just warning ya.

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