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Rose-5 Months!

Date: July 20, 2020

Sleeping Pattern: Finally got a good consistent schedule! She has 3 naps (or on random bad nap days I'll add in a 4th catnap). Usually 2 of the naps are nice and long (1-2 hours-ish) and then the 3rd is shorter, around 30-45 minutes. Then she goes to bed about 3 hours after she wakes up from her last nap (I aim for 7ish). Putting her down to sleep is so freaking easy. Naps I literally just put her in her sleep sack, where she usually starts sucking her thumb and holding her hair, and transfer her (keeping her horizontal) to her crib where she just goes to sleep. Bedtime I nurse her and then she sometimes falls asleep or when I lay her in her crib she falls asleep soon after. Then she either sleeps all night or, sometimes, wakes once close to morning time.

Eating Habits: Rose eats 5 times a day (or 6 if she wakes in the early morning) and usually only nurses for like 10 minutes, give or take. The little lady is still very easily distracted but I try to force her to eat, lol. She always seems so eager but then pops off and looks everywhere *sigh*

Development & Firsts: I can't believe it but Rose is sitting up completely unassisted, and actually for a decent amount of time. I'm partially attributing this to her solid foundation (aka the booty). It's really fun to just sit her down and put toys in front of her or have her and James read together. Her sense of humor is definitely developing and she thinks James is hilaaaaarious. He makes her laugh and grin all the time. Also: oh hi separation anxiety, not so nice to see you. She used to be so chill with just being put down and hanging out while I deal with a million and ten things buuuut she's less chill with it now. She'll still sometimes be cool for a bit but she is definitely not a fan of not being paid attention to. She also will cling to me (which is actually very sweet) or get upset because she can't see Michael or James. Pretty much she'd like all 3 of us giving her all the attention all the time. She also gets upset when she knows sleep time is coming, sometimes, because she doesn't want us to leave her (I know, heartbreaking). In other news: the teeth are still on their way. She grabs at things now (oh man is she grabby. Rose sees that toy? Wants it? Grabs it-cue James yelling that it's his. Rose sees mommy's hair. Wants it. Grabs it-ouch.) And the cutie has started holding on to her feet and rolling to her side from her back, so maybe fully rolling will be soon? 

Mischief: Honestly her sass is the main part, she's just super demanding and will yell at you a lot and man is she loud lol. Then she's also grabbing at everything so I have to police what she's trying to grab (Nooo Rose you can't have that piece of cheese yet) and my hair gets pulled quite a bit. I'd say Rose is more coy than mischievous-she loves to like grin at Michael from the side then bury her face in my neck and then repeat the process lol. 

Cuteness: As always...untold cuteness. She's just the sweetest, smiley-est, cuddliest, most loving little cutie girl. Rose's face just lights up when she sees any of us, she's so genuinely happy to see us, James is like WITHOUT QUESTION her favorite, though. She gets the hugest grin on her face when he interacts with her and he can make her giggle like no one else. She had her first full laugh fit from playing with him and just watching him be silly. She finds him hilarious and clearly thinks he's the greatest thing ever. She even has started putting her arms out to hug him and gives him kisses (which he enjoys but always wipes off after lol). She likes to put her arms out to us too-she especially loves to put her hands on Michael's face and I frequently am the recipient of many many many large drooly kisses and lots of things on my face being grabbed by sweet little hands. She's SO affectionate. And very assertive about making sure she gets the attention and affection she knows she is due haha. She just very adorably wants to be a part of things. We've started putting her in the highchair when we're eating (currently we just give her toys to play with, we're not starting solids until next month) which she really enjoys I think at least partly because then she's up on our level and more a part of the whole mealtime thing. And if we're all talking she simply must join in...which is cute but also very loud. Playing dress up with her is super fun: she makes every outfit the cutest and I love how just adding a bow to an old outfit of James and putting it on her makes it a whole new thing. She really is enjoying toys more and more-the excitement that takes her over when she's given a doll (or really anything with a face) is so sweet. She does this excited inhale (which James used to do too) and just like squeal (or...usually...straight up yell) in delight. All of her talking is adorable. She yells and squeals and oh the sweet coos. Her eyes will smile and her mouth makes a cute little turtle-y shape as she just sort of goes "oooh" and looks at you like you're her entire world. Oh! She also loves books now! She's so intent and wiggly with happiness when we read to her and omigosh when James "reads" to her....honestly there are few things more adorable. And...yeah. I mean there's so much. Everything. Everything Rose does is cute. 

Nicknames: Rosie, Rosie Rose, Rosie Posy, Baby Rose, Baby girl, Pretty girl, Lady, Ladybug, Chunk/Chunk-a-munk, "Little Chub/Chubby" (James calls her that), "Missus" (also a James name), You, Fuzzy Head, Sweetling, Sweetie-girl, Cutie-girl, Honey girl, Honey bun, Little miss, Missy, Ma'am, Sweetness, Love, combinations of all of the above...

Talking: Well...she's loud. She just talks all the time and is very demanding and loud about it lol. She especially likes to join in when everyone else is talking (such a little sister, wants to belong.) She also still makes just the sweetest coos. 

Favorites: JAMES (can not emphasize this enough, James is her absolute favorite thing. He makes her lose her mind with excitement), mommy, and daddy. Anything with a face (baby doll, stuffed animals, caterpillar on her activity gym, her grandparents on Facetime.) Smiling and being smiled at/attention in general. Mirrors. Books. Kisses and snuggles. Holding her feet. Being held and snuggled. Eating. Sleeping. The activity gym. Toys. Being played with. Anything she finds amusing in the moment (almost always James). Being naked and being dressed up. Getting dirty diapers taken off.

Dislikes:  Teething, not getting enough sleep, brother being too rough with her, not having attention/being put down if attention is not being paid to her, getting bored (must have entertaining toys/entertaining people at all times lol). 

Concerns: Same as always: just concerned about COVID and the lack of ability to see anyone or go anywhere.

A Day in the Life: If I'm lucky Rose wakes up close to 7, but if it's at least 6am I count it as the start of her day. I get her and feed her, then I usually get James after and we go get him fed and dealt with and I try to play with both of them. About an hour and a half after waking she goes down for her 1st nap. This is usually her longest one and, on a good day, lasts anywhere from 1.5-2 hours. She's usually up around 10am-ish and then I feed her and play, give James lunch, etc. She goes down for her nap about an hour and 40 minutes after waking, and if I'm lucky this means I get some nice chill time during her and James' naps (he goes to sleep around 12:30). This is usually her other long-ish nap, but not always. Worst case, she usually naps at least 45 minutes. 90 minutes is preferred. I feed her (hopefully around 1-1:30) and then she's usually awake for about 2 hours before her 3rd nap (unless she's had poor naps, then I may do closer to an hour and 40 minutes to foster a longer 3rd nap). My hope is that she then is up and eating as close to 4 (or no later than 5) as possible to get her to where I want her to be for bedtime. If it's earlier than 3 when she wakes up then she gets a catnap between then and bed. Either way, she has about 3 hours of time before bedtime. There's dinner and lots of playing. Then before bedtime I read a book to her (and usually James since he's there lol) and we go around saying goodnight to different things around the house (James thinks this is funny). Then Michael or I takes her upstairs, reads superhero rules, changes her diaper, and puts her in her pjs and sleeper (while singing a song). I then nurse her, sing Rosie by Passenger, and lay her down in her crib after she's done. Hopefully she sleeps until morning, but sometimes she wakes between 4 and 6am and won't go back down without me feeding her. 

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