Saturday, March 3, 2018

Something Saturdays (3/3/18)

Great news, ever since the end of James' nap strike he's been doing REALLY well with his naps AND his nighttime sleep-I finally feel like I can see the day he'll sleep through the night (not yet but we're on our way lol), and it means I've been able to get some stuff done around the house (which is good because it really needed cleaned lol). 

Last weekend was good, as always! I worked on Saturday and then just enjoyed time with my boys the rest of it (plus Michael's dad and stepmom stopped in Sunday). On Monday my boss Val came over and met James and we talked about the weddings for this year and all that exciting stuff! Wednesday I unfortunately had to go to another calling hours (I hadn't been to one in like 15 years and then two in 1 week). Yesterday, Michael's friend Lizzy came into town and we visited for a little bit in the evening. And today we're going to a party for one of Michael's cousins in Youngstown (which is about an hour away) which will be James' first time at a family function...I'm excited but also suuuper nervous about how he'll do lol.

Oh also, ALSO, I'm in major trouble. Lately James has been putting everything in his mouth and when I hold him in a cradle hold he starts to go for me over my clothes and I stop him and go "No, no, no" and he grins and goes back (watching me out of the corner of his eye with a look of mischief) and smiles when I tell him "No, no, no" again. AND now he's started also sounding out and going "Oh, oh, oh" while doing so. AKA my kid is trying to say no. While also thinking it's hilarious. See? Major trouble. 

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
This Is Us-I really loved getting to see more of the Randall+Kate relationship! And omigosh the little mini Jacks made my heart grow 3 sizes.

Instagram Lately (a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
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