Saturday, October 3, 2015

Something Saturdays (10/3/15)

Alllllrighty. Hiya folks! Let's chat.

Last weekend my mom came over and we hung out with her and my brother, which was fun! Mostly we just relaxed during the weekend. Monday I also hung out with my brother-we got food, went grocery shopping, worked out, and watched The Amazing Spiderman (I'd been meaning to watch it for awhile). Tuesday I finally conquered my mom's pot roast, which is one of my faves. I'll be sharing that recipe in a couple weeks. Wednesday we had my cousin Audrey (you may remember my cousin Emily who lives in NY--this is her sister) and her girlfriend Kylie over for Michael to interview them for school. I baked them cookies in gratitude. And then we had so much fun that they stayed for wine and board games until like 2am. Hehe oops! Yesterday we saw Audrey again at a party that her sister Emily had (she was visiting and figured it was a good way to see a bunch of friends and family at one time!) We had SO MUCH FUN! Their friends and family are a blast and I taught everyone how to play salad bowl! :)

Today I'm working, boo, but tomorrow we're going mini-golfing with my friend Angela and her boyfriend! Wee!

Oh yeah, and don't forget you have all of October to enter my giveaway for some free peanut butter and oats!

Posts from this week
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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-I love that the dwarves and granny and such came along, they have been sidelined too long! Oh and look at that...more missing memories. How novel, lol. Andddd blech Dark Swan. Nono.

The Muppets-just....cmon guys.....Kermit and Piggy....let's stop with all this Josh Groban and Denise etc business.

Modern Family-uhhh why is Luke a hipster?

Law & Order:SVU-This was one of those weeks where nobody won :( I love how major murderers and rapists somehow get acquitted and this kid gets sentenced like...what?

Criminal Minds-I don't know how to feel about Aisha Tyler on this. I adore her in general but...time will tell. JJ's new baby is cute.

The Big Bang Theory-at least Leonard and Penny made up! Now we've just got to get Amy and Sheldon to patch stuff up.

South Park-ugh I'm over this whole PC thing already.

Scandal-I'm hoping this means Quinn and Huck can love each other agaaaain. And...omg Olivia did it! She admitted it! YAY!

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
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