Saturday, August 9, 2014

Something Saturdays (8/9/14)

My car is finaaaally fixed (I think)! We took it to the shop where Michael's best friend (who gifted us my car) used to take it and they fixed it quickly and not too expensive-ly! Ahhh sweet relief.

Wednesday we went and registered (!!!) at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target and....I gotta say-while fun and was a lot harder than I thought! We actually became concerned because we didn't register for enough stuff (!) Turns out deciding on dinnerware, bed sets, etc. is a bit tricky! I've just been doing a lot of online searching and adding to the registries little by little---I gotta say I AM excited to get some of the stuff! (KITCHEN AID STAND MIXER, I'M LOOKING AT YOU!) Later on Wednesday Michael's youngest brother and sister came over for a slumber party and that was super fun! :)

Thursday we were supposed to have a cake tasting but (when we were literally 1 minute away) got a call that the woman we were meeting with had misread the time and was tied up and wouldn't be back for another hour and a half. This place was 40 minutes from our house and we had plans so we decided to reschedule (she was very apologetic and is offering a discount if we get our cake from her, but still...annoying.) Later Michael's best friend (David-also our best man) and his wife (Edith! Also our friend) and their 3 daughters (their 5 year old twins, Kate and Evie, are 2 of our flower girls, and their youngest, Isabelle, is such a cuuuute little babyy!) and we had SUCH a fun time! Love having friends around :)

This weekend I'm doing a really cool event for Barefoot wine (who I work for) at the Akron Hamburger festival-I'm excited but also kind of nervous. I'm like working 12 hours outside today....eep!

I'm completely loving this flowchart that shows you if you can share a photo based on copyright laws etc.!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Teen Wolf-I'm gonna be honest...I'm confused about a lot of the mythology of this show. Like....are werewolves fairly immortal then? Since that Asian lady looks the same as she did in those flashbacks from like, the 40's. Also major frowny face to Malia learning she's a Hale and being mad at Stiiiiles :(

Pretty Little Liars-I don't even know about this show. I pretty much don't even enjoy it anymore. But I feel like I haaave to finish it-fingers crossed it's canceled soon.

Finding Carter-(disclaimer: I still don't like the attitude this show has about drugs and sex and whatnots). I'm so sad about Max and Taylor. And the whole Lori issue. aaaaand....I don't like Crash's deal but I completely get the appeal of "I can change him!"

Drunk History-I'm only mad that I didn't start watching this show sooner. HILARIOUS.

So You Think You Can Dance-Yay for All-Stars (TWITCH FOREVER) but noooooooooooooooo! EMILIO AND BRIDGET!! They were my faves!!! :(

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