Wednesday, October 10, 2018

James-10 Months!

Date: October 10, 2018

Sleeping Pattern: Literally exactly the same as last month! James sleeps pretty great 80% of the time (he has had a few issues from teething/separation anxiety but overall it's been good) he takes 2 naps during the day and sleeps about 10.5-11 hours at night usually.

Eating Habits: Great news-we've (at least currently) mostly gotten over the biting situation. So that's good lol. James nurses 4 times a day still, usually for 10-15 minutes (once in the morning, once late morning, once late afternoon, and once before bed). Solid foods are still going really well-he eats like a champ and we can give him almost anything (he may or may not decide he likes it but that's neither here nor there.) We're up to 3 full meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) + a pre-dinner snack. He's so cute and funny when he's eating: he'll do a little happy dance because he's happy and he's eating. When he wants more of something he usually starts kicking his legs and getting demanding (and sometimes says "mo") haha. When he's done he'll just sort of play around and frequently says "All done!" (more like "a-dun" or an insistent "DUN!"). One time I was nursing him and he stopped, said "all done" and then patted the other side because he wanted to nurse on that side-I diiiied. Also, for some strange reason, he sniffs his food before he eats it. It's so strange but also kind of cute.

Development & Firsts: It's been another big month developmentally!!! James got his 5th tooth (his top right lateral incisor). He can pull himself up to standing (and now does so on everythaaaang. NOTHING IS SAFE! Including his crib, we had to move that mattress down reeeal quick) and finally learned to sit himself up from laying. He can do a legit crawl (not just the army crawl). He can crawl up the stairs (with me following very close behind and worrying the entire time--we also installed the baby gates as a result.) He can walk if someone is holding his hands or if he's pushing the laundry basket around--he also stood up independently for about half a minute one time so that's coming. AND he's waving and clapping! So much happening and it's so fun and cute and craaazy.

Mischief: This child still has a mind very much of his own and is starting to get more vocal about protesting when you try to take him away from what he wants (since he's moving everywhere and getting into everything). One pretty funny example is one day Michael was having pizza and James reached for the crust so he let him grab it to have a bite. When he tried to take it back James would not let go and ended up yelling "ahhhh!" with a look of disgust that he would even attempt to take that pizza from him. The next day he was cranky because Michael was trying to eat the same pizza covertly across the room and ended up letting out a loud cry as if he'd been hurt but when I tried to see what was wrong I just saw him staring at Michael in betrayal and then he turned to me and made a pouty, pleading expression and "talked" in such a way that I could only ascertain the meaning to be "Mommy: daddy isn't sharing that's not nice!" One of the funniest moments of my young(ish) life. He still gets a little devilish grin sometimes when doing something he shouldn't or if he's crawling somewhere he shouldn't go and you say "Where are you going?" he'll start giggling and speed up. He also still enjoys shaking his head "no" at you.

Cuteness:  This section kills me every month because HOW CAN I POSSIBLY SUM UP ALL OF THE CUTENESS THAT IS MY BABY? He's still cute in all the ways he's always been. He loves music and dancing, he loves kisses, listening to him jabber and talk is amazing, even when he's yelling at you it's cute. His hair just keeps getting poofier (like his daddy's--it gets tall instead of long lol). His little toothy smile is the best (and sometimes you can just see one of his 2 front teeth peeking out which is killer). He's started sticking his tongue out to the side recently. Slow dancing is going strong, it is one of my favorite things to just put on a song and have him lay his head on my shoulder and snuggle me-it's one of the few times he's not trying to go go go. His face when he sees me after I've been gone is the best thing, he gets SO excited and usually starts to giggle and crawl over to me very quickly where he then gives me hugs and kisses. When his daddy gets home he hears the garage door and his face immediately lights up and he gets SO STOKED to see him! When he crawls up the stairs he's so proud of himself and starts giggling at the accomplishment (which is true of pretty much anytime he does something that he or we are proud of). Watching him just walking the laundry basket around is adorable. Whenever he claps it's so so sweet and fun, he's so happy! The waving hi and bye bye is cuteness. This baby still loves Batman and it's pretty epic haha-he just gets so excited to see him (on his rags, the big poster upstairs, etc.) and always points and goes "Bat!" And in the epitome of all cuteness, this story: One day during dinner Michael came over and put his arms around me. James' face lit up and this big grin slowly stole over his face. Michael then kissed me and James giggled. So we then kissed either side of his face and he was SO HAPPY and smiling and laughing and everyone was tearing up. It was one of the best moments of my life, my heart was so full. Honestly, he's just the sweetest cutest best baby. 

Nicknames: James-y, Jamesy-pie, Nugget (or Nug or Nuggy or Nuggy Nug or Nuggety or Nougat), Godzilla, Cutie McCuterson, Cuddle Bug, Snuggle Bunny, Kookaburra (because he's cooky), Mister, Sir, Bud/Buddy, Friend, Sweet Boy, Baby, Love (My love, little love, sweet love, lovey), Cutie patootie/pie, My Sweetie/Sweetie-pie, Sweet Pea, The Baby, Little/Sweet/Baby Boy (or any combo with any of the other nicknames listed-particularly Sir Baby and Mister Boy), Baby-man (Michael calls him this).

Talking: Still talking up a storm. Dada/dad's and mama/mum's happen a lot but he'll also say "hi" "buhbuh" (aka bye bye, while waving), "a-dun" (all done), "mo" (more), "yes"/"yeah", "Bat" (Batman-usually accompanied by pointing at whatever Batman thing he's seeing) and lots of other things. It's so cool and fun to see him communicating.

Favorites: Me and Michael. His grandparents and Aunt Shannan. Dancing/singing. Daddy's guitar. His piano/keyboard toy. Cuddles. Kisses. Spinning. Being tickled. Playing. Hair. Feet. Animal sounds. Books. Listening to/watching mommy sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Bunny Foo Foo, Old McDonald, and Wheels on the Bus. Pushing the laundry basket around. Pulling himself up to stand on everything. Attention, in general. Baths. Food (strawberries, chicken, cheese, yogurt, carbs).

Dislikes: Getting hurt (we're officially in the stage of many many little bonks and tumbles thanks to his increased mobility. Luckily nothing has been bad yet but it's still heartbreaking to see him cry because he's hurt himself.) Green vegetables (not always and not all of them but they're tricky). Taking anything he wants away from him/telling him he can't have something/taking him away from somewhere he shouldn't be. People he's not used to who are not the super tiny like us and try to hold him. Not being able to sleep. Teething. Shots. Not being paid attention to for. Not being with mommy/daddy.

Concerns: James has been having some separation anxiety so he's extra clingy and I think it's affecting his sleep a smidge. Nothing terrible though so overall things are pretty great.

A Day in the Life: James wakes up around 7am (sometimes I'm lucky and he sleeps in until 7:15 or 7:20! Lately, though, he's been waking up closer to 6:30, grr) and then I nurse him. We then have some breakfast and then play/spend a little bit of time with daddy before he leaves for work. I then change his diaper and put him down for his nap around 9:30am. I get him up at 11am (or 11:30 at the latest if he's still asleep) and nurse him. We then have lunch and play-I usually also get something done at some point during this time (cleaning, cooking, laundry, errands, whatever I need). He goes back to sleep 3 hours after he woke up (so 2-2:30) and then gets up anywhere from 3:30-4 usually. I nurse him and then we have a quick snack while I cook dinner. After Michael gets home we all eat together and then have a little bit of playtime before our nightly routine. I nurse him at 7:30 and he's usually asleep and in his crib between 7:45 and 8.

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