Wednesday, December 27, 2017

House/Nursery Tour

It's that magical time between Christmas and New Year's, we have a new little baby, and it's been over a year since we've been in our house and I'm FINALLY sharing a photo tour of the place! It's decorated for Christmas in the pictures and still a bit of a work in progress (but aren't all houses?) but we totally love it :) 

^ Our first day that we had possession of the house! ^

This is the entryway and "front room" which is pretty much where we have all our books and movies. Eventually I'd like it to be more of a sitting room, but for now it's just a pretty open area that's been a little taken over by baby gear lol.
The rest of the front room! Not pictured--the door and steps to the basement are right across from the front door.
Between the front room and living room there's a closet and this powder room. I love this bathroom except for the BRIGHT yellow paint...we will eventually paint it something else lol.
Our finished basement! There are 2 storage areas, an area with the water softener, and another half bath.
It's actually pretty big but mostly empty right now-we're planning on making this be where a lot of the clutter of kids gets banished and they can just run around and be crazy down here.
Some of our large storage area (which also has some workout equipment and my extra freezer.)
The hallway from the front room to the living room...
The view from the living room of the hallway/little area where the closet and bathroom are, the front room, and the stairs to the 2nd level.
At the top of the stairs we have this loft which is our office/nerd area. Someday we may decide to enclose the wall, add a closet, and make it a 4th bedroom-if we need it.
Our display of pop figures lol. 
House rules!
The office area.
The hallway which shows all the bedrooms, a bathroom, and the stairs going back down.
This is currently our never-used guest room lol. It's pretty basic.
We did a dinosaur theme for our little guy and are super obsessed with this room.
IT IS SO CUTE. For anyone who is curious-the pictures above the bookshelf (which is actually super old--my grandparents got it when they were 1st married, then my mom painted it white for my nursery, and then my aunt added a back to it for my cousin's nursery. And now it's ours!) say "RAWR means I love you in dinosaur"-this is the link to the listing on Etsy
This crib is just so sweet <3 
The mobile is another one of our favorite things from the nursery-and my brother and sister-in-law also got it for us from Etsy!
Then we have a full bath-AKA "the kids/guest bath". (And yes, in case you're wondering, I would love to paint the vanities in the bathrooms white or grey).
This is the master bathroom, in our room! Big tub + a standup shower (which would be bigger and would be seamless in a perfect world, maybe someday!)
Our vanity.
Master bedroom (which also has a walk in closet and two huge windows that aren't pictured).
Back on the main floor--the living room! (This is the view from the open space between the living room and kitchen.)
I love the fireplace and the red accent wall.
This custom sectional was one of our big furniture investments for the house and it's amazing.
This is the morning room-which is our dining room, it's off of the kitchen and has so much gorgeous light as well as doors out to the deck. I someday want to get a nice big table for it.
View of our backyard from the morning room window.
Our awesome deck. It's maintenance free and we have a nice patio furniture set for when the weather is nice.
Another view of the morning room with the bar countertop from the kitchen. Again-new barstools are a thing we plan on getting at some point.
A view of the door to the mudroom/laundry room and our living room area from the open area between the morning room and kitchen.
Mudroom/laundry room-which leads to the garage.
My pantry! I know it looks chaotic but I swear it's organized.
MY KITCHEN. I adore it, it's amazing. The openness and space is so fantastic.

I mean...yes I want white cabinets. And in a totally perfect world I'd also replace the granite with quartz (granite is so much woooork) but it's pretty awesome as is, too.
Obviously we have to leave you with the kitchen, where all the magic happens!

I hope you guys like the house, we love it. It's definitely home. And I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season full of love and family and friends and happiness!
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