Saturday, December 24, 2016

Something Saturdays (12/24/16)

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! (For all who celebrates Christmas, and Happy Holidays to everyone!)

What are ya doing? What are your traditions? I always love hearing about different people's holiday traditions!

Last weekend we started the festivities-Saturday was with Michael's mom and siblings (it was ok, his youngest brother and sister had to leave after like an hour to go to their dad's. Presents were fun though! We got some awesome stuff and I think everyone liked what we gave them!). Sunday we had Christmas with Michael's dad's extended family, we didn't get to stay nearly long enough but it was fun! Then we went to my mom's extended family's Christmas and that was fun too :) Yesterday was Michael's sister's birthday, so we hung out with her and his mom a bit. Today we're going to lunch with my dad's family (unfortunately we're going to this random, okayish, restaurant that they're all obsessed with. This is extra sad because my grandma's cooking is the best part of any holiday with that family and we don't get any this year *sigh*, darnit.) and then we're going to Michael's dad's tonight to hang with them and his stepmom's fam. Tomorrow we're going to try to relax and enjoy the morning, I plan on making a big breakfast (I'm thinking waffles, bacon, skillet potatoes...maybe eggs too?) Then we'll go over to Michael's stepmom's family and then to his mom's side of the family later on. My brother and his girlfriend are in Nebraska with her family this week but next week they'll be here and we're gonna celebrate with them and my mom then :D


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Fuller House (Season 2): This may be an unpopular opinion but...I like this season A LOT more than the first. Maybe it feels less pander-y and reference heavy? Maybe I just love Fernando? (Oh and #stillteamsteve)

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