Saturday, May 14, 2016

Something Saturdays (5/14/16)

Last weekend was so fun but SO EXHAUSTING! We had to be at Michael's cousin's reception venue at 9AM to start helping setup (which I am so happy we were able to do because we gave her and her parents peace of mind) and then the wedding was beautiful, the reception was SO fun, and we even spent some time at a hotel with some of the family afterwards. THEN on Sunday we had to be back at the same church at 10:30AM for mass and to witness the first communion of some of Michael's out of town cousins' children. Then we had lunch with my mom and then dinner and hanging out with Michael's mom, siblings, and their S.O.'s. It was wonderful but we were very very tired afterward.

And now--for everyone who has every loved a Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" meme:

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This dip looks phenomenal.

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Once Upon a Time-Zeus is definitely not that sweet young man, anyone who knows anything about Greek mythology knows that. That's the least of the things that made me mad about this episode. I CANNOT BELIEVE they just ended Robin...after everything Regina has been through. But thank GOODNESS Killian came back because if he hadn't I would have been like ridiculously upset.

Jane the Virgin-I don't know how to feel about the reemergence of the Raphael love triangle. I rooted for him for so long and then I grieved the loss and reached acceptance with Michael and now....?


Orphan Black-oh my lord that poor baby.

Scandal-Ugh I hate when Papa Pope is happy.

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