Saturday, February 27, 2016

Something Saturdays (2/27/16)

Let's talk about my trip to San Antonio for my brother's airforce graduation! Thursday we caught our first glimpse of him during the "Airman's Run" (although mom wasn't able to see him but I did!) and then there was an Honor Graduate Ceremony (the top 10% of their class get to be honor grads, and Josh was one! He actually finished #2 in the entire class!) and then a Coin Ceremony (they get coins which are like a thing...anyway) and theeen we got to go hug him! And we hung out with him around the base the rest of the day, and it was awesome. Friday morning Josh's best friend (and our across-the-street neighbor most of our lives) Bryan came and we watched the official graduation ceremony--which mostly just involved them marching and stuff. Then we got to go hug him again (yay :D) and then their dorms had an open house so we got to see where he slept and his locker and we met his MTI's (training instructors). --it was also pretty hilarious because Bryan is an officer (he's almost done training to be a fighter pilot) and Josh's fave MTI called the entire dorm to attention to pay respect to him and he was so embarrassed and then she said, "You look a bit red there, Sir." and it was sooo funny. Anyway, then Bryan had to go back to his base and we were going to meet him there after we grabbed lunch. 
Lunch was Whataburger (a regional burger chain based out of San Antonio) and it was pretty tasty! Then we got a tour around Bryan's training area of base and saw the plane he flies and met a bunch of cool people, it was neat! After that we checked out the River Walk which is hand's down my favorite part of San Antonio-there are walkways and shops and restaurants and hotels and such all along this river and it's so gorgeous. Everything reminded me of Mexico but also very Southern...which I guess is Texas. And, because it was Texas, we had to try a steakhouse for dinner! We went to Saltgrass Steakhouse and it was definitely tasty! Oh and I also found a chocolate shop (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory) so I had to buy myself a dark chocolate salted caramel :P
Saturday Josh brought one of his friends from his flight whose family wasn't able to come to graduation. We visited the Alamo (pretty but not terribly exciting) and then we went on a tour cruise of the River Walk (Rio San Antonio Cruises) and it was so interesting (and funny-our guide was a crack-up) and allowed us to see how beautiful the whole River Walk is! For lunch we had my favorite meal of the trip at Boudro's-their burger was delish and the avocado salsa (essentially guacamole) was to die for--esp. when you dip your french fries in it! Josh spotted an old fashioned ice cream parlor with 37 flavors so that's where we had dessert (choc pb fudge for me, a scoop of cinnamon and a scoop of banana nut for him, orange sherbet for mom, and a scoop of mint choc chip and a scoop of pistachio almond for his friend.) 
THEN we went to Sea World (even though I'm sort of boycotting them because of the documentary BlackFish--but we all got in for free because of Josh being in the military). It was fun, though-especially the rollercoasters. Then we had just enough time to grab some dinner at Taco Cabana (which was pretty good for fast food!!) before getting the boys back to their dorm. Sunday was our last day and we were all pretty tired so the three of us (my mom, Josh, and I) just hung out and spent time together on base and in mine and mom's hotel room. And then way too soon we had to say goodbye. I had the best time but I miss my brother like crazy. *sigh* Also I wish Michael could have been there, he would have loved the food and the River Walk (and, of course, seeing Josh).

Then I got home and it snowed. And Michael's car ignition broke (which we got fixed and it was fine but it was an annoying few days).

And this weekend I'm working. Blech.

But this is for all my fellow Jess+Rory shippers.

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Brown Butter Chocolate Stuffed Toffee Chip Cookies (not stuffed with anything, though, and with Butterfinger bits in addition to toffee)

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Yum. That's all I can say.
3 of my fave things: chocolate, pb, and HEARTS! ( shapes....not organs)

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Fuller House-I'm only a few episodes in but here's what I can say: is it cheesy? Is it pandering? Yes. But...I like it anyway.

The Vampire Diaries-I think I'm calling it. I'm done with this show (which is hard for me, actually but...after the whole "Is Elena dead?" and Damon just falling into bed with whoever-she-is....I'm just done with it.)

Jane the Virgin-*harumph* fine...I guess I'll have to give up on Rafael+Jane. Clearly the show wants her with Michael...and that's fiiine I suppose. Although I did like Jonathan, too--but I'm glad she didn't just "get it over with". Ro & Xo breaking up IS NOT OK.

The Muppets-OMG I LOVED IT! Robin was so cute, Kermit and Piggy are this close to getting back together, Camilla is back, etc. !!!

Younger-Awww poor Josh :( (also I still don't think Thad is good enough for Kelsey)

Girls-Marnie yelling at people to stop saying the rain is good because of "fertility" was totally me on my wedding day. I was like "WILL EVERYONE PLEASE STOP SAYING RAIN IS GOOD LUCK!?"

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