Saturday, May 30, 2015

Something Saturdays (5/30/15)


It was perfect. In ways I couldn't have imagined. I had the best possible time and I seriously can't even put into words how much I loved it--but I'll try :P After Michael left for his bachelor party (where he and his groomsmen created suits of armor and weapons out of cardboard and then beat the crap out of each other. And then they ate. And played videogames.) my maid of honor, Alex, and her sister/one of my bridesmaids, Carrie, arrived and set up my house (I had to hide upstairs during this time). They hung pretty red fans from the ceiling, put a "kiss the stud" on the door, laid out my "bride-to-be" accessories (and Alex's maid of honor button), propped up a couple of foam swords, and set up a Princess Bride themed table (including a bowl of peanuts-"anybody want a peanut", resurrection pills-peanut "Buttercup" truffles, and Once Upon a Vine wine bottles with goblets and signs denoting "Iocane Powder" or "Poison Free"--for the nonalcoholic beverages :P) with everything we needed for our "Once Upon a Murder Mystery" game! There were color coded envelopes for the clues for the rounds, a full on tri-fold with information (and more Princess Bride quotes!), and colored masks and character descriptions for all of us! I got put into my accessories (and ordered that I would be "hazed" if I took them off lol) and we goofed around a bit until my other 2 bridesmaids came (sans my cousin Emily who couldn't make it because she lives in NYC)- Shannan (Michael's sister) and my friend Angela. Then we went to dinner at this great place that's 5 minutes from my house (and I'd never been there! I totally am going to have to take Michael soon) and we all ate and a few of us had cocktails and it was just fun and silly (due to my "accessories"). Then we returned home and got into character (thanks to Alex's supply of like 40 different lipsticks) and played the game! Which was super fun! We also played "The Newlywed Game"--Alex had previously came over and recorded Michael's answers and then if I got a question right I got a prize (underwear, a bride robe to get ready in the day of, gift cards, handcuffs...etc. lol) and if i got it wrong I got a "consequence" (answering a "bride's dirty little secrets" question...or 4, or playing adult wedding mad libs). That was SUCH a great idea and I loved it :) It was sort of fun whether I got questions right or wrong! And then we played "Kiss the Stud" We giggled and goofed around and were silly and I got handcuffed and it was perfect. Then Angela had to go home and the rest of us watched 27 dresses before going to sleep. The next morning Alex and I made breakfast and we visited for a bit before everyone left. And that was my party--I wouldn't change one second of it. :) All my girls made it so special for me but Alex especially put in so much time and effort to make it perfect for me and I'm so lucky that she's my best friend. :) (And if you want to see a brief video of our fun check out the vid I shared on my instagram here).--it's from right before we played Kiss the Stud.

Memorial Day Michael and I went to my Grandma's for the first pool party of the year and that's always fun-I even made a tasty new cookie recipe that was a hit! I'll share it with you all in a week or two :P

And then this week was just a normal, get-stuff-done kind of week. Yesterday we went over to Michael's brother and sister-in-law's house and finalized all the DJ stuff (aaaand we all-including his other brother and his gf-went to get some froyo!) And today Michael and I both have to work :(

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Supernatural-Let's chat about the finale. I'm glad that the mark is gone. I'm glad that the big bad of next season seems really BIG bad like....God level. I'm hoping this means God comes into play again because they just keep teasing us with him! I, however, do not know what it means that they killed Death??! Like....whaaaaat? And I'm still sad about Charlie. And that Dean killed that Stein kid.

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
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