Saturday, March 7, 2015

Something Saturdays (3/7/15)

Ok so first off: our meeting about ceremony music for the wedding went GREAT! We are so excited about the music and Michael has had me play each song from our prelude before bed to help him be soothed to sleepiness lol. And I had SO MUCH FUN last Saturday when I got to have lunch with Erin (The Spiffy Cookie) and her awesome fella, Bob. We talked for like...4 hours. It was so much fun. (And we ate delicious food so...yeah) I'm crazy excited that Erin lives only a couple hours away now so this can be a regular thing!!

This is the first week with my brother living close by. We've been working out together and hanging and it's great! He and I also went to my mom's for dinner on Wednesday and while I was down there my mom and I ran out and bought my aisle runner. Woot.

And then...the week took a bad turn. On the way to our friends' house (Michael's best man, to be specific) so I could babysit their baby daughter (who is sick)--my car decided to not want to I was luckily able to get myself off the highway to the side of a side street and luckily the place we take our cars is right by the house I was on my way to. So I got towed and still babysat and waited to find out what the deal with my car was. And I found out yesterday that it is pretty much done. The engine needs replacing and that car is not worth the cost of replacing it. So for now I'm just gonna get by with 1 car and then...we'll see. I'm considering leasing. To lighten things up we went to dinner with Michael's cousin and aunt and uncle and his dad and stepmom last night and it was really fun. And the food was delish!

And TODAY we are spending all day doing Pre-Cana day! Pre-cana is essentially pre-marriage counseling Catholic couples have to go through, and out parish does this thing where they condense the bulk of the pre-cana into a day long retreat sort of be honest....I'm not entirely sure what we're gonna be doing. But hey! I'll let ya know next week lol.

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-*claps* Yayyyy it's back! I'm probably am also more excited about this storyline than I have been since pre-Neverland. Even though Cruella's animal control powers are sort of strange.

Hindsight-Ohhhhh noooooo. Ugh somehow Lolly just needs to get over Kevin and realize that she is the only one who can save Jamie!

Pretty Little Liars-Stupid show. I want Ezra & Aria TOGETHER. Erghhh. And Hanna's in jail and just...ughhh.

Archer-I just have to comment on how happy I am that Lana and Archer got togetherrrr again :P

The Big Bang Theory-Penny and Leonard were pretty adorable this episode. And um I guess the best future we can hope for from Shamy is that they procreate on Mars?

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