Saturday, October 18, 2014

Something Saturdays (10/18/14) at first I did not realize the song "Jealous" was sang by Nick Jonas. But now that I know I'm like "Duh." and I'm also happy for him. I wasn't a big fan of the Jonas Brothers, but I always knew that Nick actually had talent so good for him going back to being solo and rocking it. Pretty cool. I also enjoy the song :P (that music video is hella weird though. It's also a little strange to see him all grown up and stuff.--quick Google search showed me he is my brother's age. Ok. Also learned that he's acting on a DirecTV show??? THAT should not be allowed...dude is an awful actor. Whatever...I ended up talking about this way longer than anticipated...)

I think I may have amassed almost all my bridal accessories. I have my bustier/bra-thing, my shoes, my veil, my tiara--and I think I just got the perfect pair of earrings, too! I'll be 100% certain next week after my next dress fitting/consultation but it's looking good. All I still need is my garter (and maybe underwear? Or I could just wear a pair I already have lol) :)

We've also booked our florist! We went with Seifert's Flower Mill-they have an extremely strong and long relationship with the church we're getting married in (St. Mary's exclusively uses Seifert's for most of their events), they're also friends with my grandma and aunt. And---lowest quote by far with the most perks thrown in (they'll do sample arrangements for free, day before the wedding we can come and view the arrangements and make sure they're to our liking, delivery and complete set up and take down, etc. is a total of $8.99--where most florists charged $1-200 for that.) Super excited about this!

In injury news: 2 days after I got stitches (so...last Saturday) Michael was sword fighting with his best friend (David bought Michael and himself heavy duty PVC sparring swords for his birthday) and his pinky ended up getting hit so hard that it split and there was blood everywhere and it was swollen and....he ended up going to urgent care BUT he didn't have any broken bones or need stitches. And he's much better now. And my stitches are out and my finger is on the mend!

Also we finally are almost done getting the apartment together (*cough* 5+ months later...)--we just have a few more things to hang up and then I might finally take some pictures to show you all!

PINTEREST UPDATE ALERT: (courtesy of Stephie Cooks)
For everyone who uses Pinterest, they recently started incorporating Sponsored pins into the stream and very quietly (they sent an email, but you might have missed it) switched everyone's account to different settings to accommodate it.
What this means is that your Pinterest stream is no longer organic (based on who you follow and when they pin), but on "web cookies" that track your recent browser history. They use this info to deliver the pins they think you want to see, plus sponsored pins that are tailored to you based on the sites you've previously visited.
I don't know about you...but I don't like sites telling me what I want to see. I'd rather choose for myself and see the results organically.
GOOD NEWS: You can shut these settings off and switch back to the original stream. Here's how:
 1) Go to your Pinterest profile and click on the gear icon at the top right of your main profile box. A box will drop down. Choose "Account Settings". Scroll down to the section labeled "Personalization" and choose NO for both options.

Please make sure to hit the "save changes" button at the bottom, so it goes through!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon A Time-Ahhh ok so the Snow Queen is Elsa's aunt. That makes sense (especially with the whole sister dynamic)--I wonder what's the deal with her and Emma and her and Rumple and how Elsa ended up in that urn (presumably the queen put her in there?) The whole Robin Hood/Regina thing is still uber sad, and I figured he couldn't break Marion's curse because she's not his true love *le sigh*

Resurrection-Who killed those people?? What's the deal with the grandma? Wonder how long until marty gets reunited with his returned birth family? Aaaaand I can't blame that guy for trying to kill his returned brother-but unfortunately that big jerk just won't stay dead.

The Originals-ahh the Mikaelson's are (almost) all together again. This can't end well. The Marcel/Elijah stuff was also kinda sad.

The Big Bang Theory-bahahaaa I love drunk Bernadette and Amy!

The Voice-So, I love the Battles BUT I hate how you can't download the songs from them. Yes you can download the song as sung by the person who won the battle but a lot of times what made it so great was the 2 of them and now the only way I can hear them is on youtube. (Like this battle from this season. Or this battle from last season. Or this one from the season before that.) Sad face :(

Law & Order:SVU-gah Holden was super creepy. I don't like the new in-charge dude. And I'll cry if they take Noah away from Olivia.

Modern Family-as usual, all the best moments belong to Lily.

True finally finished it. And while I'm thrilled Hoyt and Jessica are back together, and that Jason found a good girl and had a mess of kids and that Sam and his gal had some too...and even that Sookie is pregnant...but....*sniffle* BIIIIILLLLLL. I'm so heartbroken about it. Just...ugh. Obviously they chose to keep Sookie's future hubby essentially anonymous, because they knew we would all instantly want to hate him because HE'S NOT BILL *sob*. And I don't know how I feel about Eric either. That is all.

Parenthood-Ruby is a brat (although her mom is growing on me), I don't care for Dylan, I'm PO'd at Oliver Rome aaaaand I STILL WANT JOEL AND JULIA TO BE TOGETHERRRR.

The Vampire Diaries-Who is that guy with Damon and Bonnie? Elena is weird. And I still don't feel right about Caroline+Stefan. And I don't know if I want Enzo dead or not?

Reign-The coronation was pretty. That's pretty much my only thought on the episode.

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