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Something Saturdays (3/16/13)

Ok, so I had a mini panic attack on Wednesday when I learned Google Reader is going away in July. Um, that's how I follow the bzillion blogs I read!! If you're like me-then don't worry, there are solutions! You can follow my blog by email (just look to your right, at the little follow by email thing), or you can start using Bloglovin (a service that's very similar to Google Reader), check out this post by gimme some oven on how to transfer your blogs from google reader to bloglovin!

So I guess tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and, I know, I've given you 0 in the way of celebratory recipes. You see, I'm a bit of a St. Patty's day grinch. I'm Irish, but I never really focused on that side of my heritage much, and I've never been a big fan of the color green. And now that I'm an adult(ish) it seems that it's just a day for people to get crazy wasted and act dumb: no thank you. So, my darlings, I'll be working, as I have for the past few years of St. Patrick's Days, and wish me luck amongst the crazies that will have taken over NYC tomorrow.

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Movies/TV Talk
Once Upon A Time-Really OUAT? Rose McGowen as "young" Cora? With all the work she's had done she looks almost as old as current Cora. But, I do like how they used her for the "straw into gold" fairy tale. It was a pretty impressive twist for the Rumple/Cora back-story. (SPOILERS) And oh there it is, one will die and all that-Cora. It makes sense they finally humanized her, in time to kill her (at least Regina got to see her mom truly love her for like a minute). I'd say that was worth it, plus yay! No more Cora! Of course now Snow's gonna be all guilt ridden, and Regina now has a semi-justified reason to hate her. Oops.

Girls-ewww ahhh Hannah and the Q-tip! And then she drove Adam to drink (which ended so sadly for him)! And the awkwardness of Marnie singing "Stronger" at the party, *cringe* (which ended actually pretty well for her). I don't even know what to think about Shosh & Ray.

Cougar Town-OMG Grayson in the Alanis Morisette video...ahahahaaaa

Pretty Little Liars-A is getting intense: killing Toby, kidnapping Malcolm, and stealing the bell to frame Jamie. Stupid Aria semi-breaking up with Ezra is not OK, beeteedubs. And what was with the weird like...brain talking Spencer was doing with Mona at the end? Huh?

The Office-Oh my Lord...Dwight has a brother...and a sister (and nephew). Schrute funerals are weird...unsurprisingly I suppose. And so is that cute lil man of Dwight's nephew. And Packer drugged the office.

Glee-OMG N*SYNC/Backstreet Boys mash-up! Ahhhhhhh lol. I love "I Want it That Way", but both songs make me feel like I'm 11 and get all nostalgia-y. Sue singing Super, died laughing. I love Santana and her Paula Abdul singing, and that she's gonna work at Coyote Ugly, and that she caught Brody and brought Finn. But what's with Ryder's weird mystery girl bailing on him when he wants to meet??

The Vampire Diaries-So, emotions turned off Elena seems to be very similar to any spoiled rotten, bored teenage girl (well...except for the blood and killing stuff).
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