Thursday, May 31, 2012

Food Blogger Date--Chelsea Market and The High Line

Me and Susan
Alright so, it's hard to be friends with a food blogger.
I'm pretty sure all I ever have to talk about with people (other than acting & Michael) is food, and most people really don't care that I got a photo accepted by foodgawker, or that I figured out how to make homemade jam all by myself. That is why it is super awesome when food bloggers can get together and hang out. Because we get each other. Tuesday, I had my first "food blogger date" with Susan of The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen. If you haven't checked out her blog yet--do! She's amazingly talented (she even enters contests and such) and so fun and funny (the visuals she paints when she talks about her pug-hilarious!). And  she is just as amazing in person!

Susan was coming from work, so didn't bring her camera, so all these photos are courtesy of my sub-par skills. I have never been to the Chelsea Market, and Susan seems to be an expert on the place--so that is where we met up and spent most of our time!
OMG--if you are ever in NY, visit! It has so many wondrous food-related things! I wanted to buy It took a lot of willpower (and the reminder that I'm broke) to resist.
One of the first things we passed was this ADORABLE Eleni's! I resisted doing more than taking a photo. But look how pretty and tasty everything looks!
Then we passed Fat Witch Bakery. I had vaguely heard of it before, but Susan told me they have seriously dangerous brownies and that after 5 PM they're on sale ( was after 5 PM.) But once again-we resisted! (but I'll need to return there some other time...)
We passed a great many tempting things, can't even remember all of them. We actually ventured through this one part of the market where there were like little mini areas. I loved the flavored salts area--you got to sample every kind you want! (I enjoy the instructions they give). My favorite was the Black Truffle the salt that was a combo of cocoa,cinnamon&chili...noo wait it was the Vanilla Salt! Aghh I dunno too many yum yums!
After this we visited The Nut Box--it was so cool! I'm definitely visiting there next time I need spices or specialty nuts (such as hazelnuts with the skins removed, which is what Susan buys there).
Jacques Torres was our one for sure destination: Susan told me they had the best hot chocolate. I was skeptical, as I was pretty sure I'd already had the best hot chocolate in the world (Max Brenner's Italian Thick Hot Chocolate), but I was willing to see if there was something better! I've already had a Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookie (delicious), and was so excited (and resisted the amazing crepe place next door). The verdict: extremely good hot chocolate....but....Max Brenner's is still my fave (it's thicker and a liquid candy bar...mmmm). I'm still so happy I tried it! Even though it was hot and humid outside and I was drinking hot chocolate like a crazy person!
 Speaking of crazy person...
The Italian Market was one of my fave parts! There was so much amazingness going on! I actually bought a small chunk of the good  Parmigiano-Reggiano. Also--I found the biggest jar of nutella, like, EVER. It was HUGE and sooo heavy! I was like..."This would take forever to use up". Although, I guess if you have like a creperie then maybe it would be practical...anyway...
After this we went to Bowery Kitchen Supply which just...was...heaven. I wanted to buy so many things. For the millionth time-I cannot wait until I get to do my bridal registry, lol. The only thing I'd let myself buy was a new whisk-I'd been looking for a new one for awhile.
After we left Chelsea Market, we decided to take a little walk on The High Line. I'd heard so much about it, but (once again) had never been! Thank you Susan for making me actually do some of the stuff in NY that everyone else has already done! :P
It was beautiful, and really really nice. The sun was setting and there was a slight breeze so it was just a very nice, relaxing end to our day.
After our walk we went to our respective subways and Susan headed back to Brooklyn, and I was on my way to Astoria. I had such a fun time! I can't wait for next time :)
And here is what I bought. I'm probably way too excited about the new whisk and that little bit of Parmigiano-Reggiano. 
Check back tomorrow for a giveaway!
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