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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Something Saturdays (10/10/15)

More fun this week! Sunday we had a great time mini-golfing with my friend Angela and her boyfriend Brendon (Brendon won, Michael came in 2nd place, me 3rd, and Angela 4th--the boys were only 1 stroke apart and Angela and I were only 2...but there was a fairly sizeable gap between the boys and girls lol) and then we got ICE CREAM! Yay and yum! Monday I got to catch up with my friend Jenna (her mom lived in my neighborhood growing up so we played and hung out a lot as kids and teens and such--but we haven't seen each other since her graduation party, over 6 years ago!) and we ate at my cousin Tim's restaurant, Savor. I had spaghetti and meatballs (super tasty but I def. think there are other things I'd want to try next time) and Jenna had the chicken marsala-which she said she's super picky about and that this was the best she's had! And then we shared a couple cannoli for dessert-which is good because apparently those won't be on the menu much longer, lol! Tim is always trying to keep things fresh and new, which is great. It was so fun :) Tuesday I had an audition (my first in over a year!) and I think it went really well-at the very least I had fun and it was nice to act again. (I also just found out I'm getting signed to the biggest acting agency in Cleveland!) I then got a haircut (and Michael stared at me like I was a stranger--it's my same haircut as always, I just always get it kinda shortish--shoulder length--so I can go longer in between hair cuts. But because of the wedding I hadn't been going as short so it's been awhile since it's been this length lol.) Thursday I went to another rehearsal for my old high school's fall play (it's coming along!) and then Michael and I went to dinner at Craft Beer Co.-it was so nice :) He also got transferred over to my mom's phone plan (he'd been on his dad's but it's cheaper on my mom's) so...I don't know...that's neat lol. This weekend is just work-blech. And dinner with Michael's dad and stepmom tonight!

And uhhh...even though I was only alive for 2 months of the 80's, somehow I still relate to 90% of these.

WHAT?! This is so weird....I want to read it but....I feel like it's gonna be weird, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST GIVE US MIDNIGHT SUN?!

This video may have made me cry.

Lol little Barbara is adorable!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-Emma being the Dark One is so sad :( Henry having a crush is cute, though.

The Big Bang Theory-Best part=Sheldon jamming to "We Will Rock You".

The Voice-This season looks SO good! Adam's team is especially strong.

The Muppets-bahahaaaa Gonzo catfished someone! Then Liam Hemsworth had to swoop in and steal her, poor Gonzo. This is why he should just be with Camilla. And Piggy got frosting in all her "piggy parts" (her snout!) :P And the Swedish chef is so sassy! And Fozzie was silly when tranq'd. And the IT guy CREEPS ME THE EFF OUT. Suffice it to say:best episode so far lol.

Finding Carter-I feel super bad for Elizabeth (and David but it's totally not cool to go behind your wife's back and give your ex-mistress $10,000). Carter pretending to be over 21 is stupid. BUT Ben and Grant were super cute together.

Law & Order:SVU-This episode was rough for me since I'm married to a caseworker and I know how insane their loads are and how way too much is asked of them. It was a super sad episode, all around. And um waaaait--is that dude Rollins' baby-daddy?!

Scandal-Ugh---so sad :( I'm glad Olivia chose Fitz, though.

The Vampire Diaries-Huh. I'm actually ok with this Elena-lessness. And fingers crossed that Alaric can get Jo back! (but what is with the 3 years from now flash-forward???)

The Originals-Errm...what? Alright Originals, I'm intrigued.

Supernatural-Eeeeee this season is going to be so good!!!! Stuff is going on with the cage! Darkness is that cute lil baby! Ooooooh

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