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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Something Saturdays (3/2/19)

Hiiii. What are you doing today? I'm super excited because we're going to Michael's cousin's daughter's 1st birthday party (so clearly she's only a couple months younger than James) and it should be fun!

Last weekend was fun too-James GOT HIS FIRST HAIRCUT (*sob*) He was not a fan but the sweet boy, through his tears, still thanked Patrick (our hairdresser-he cut mine and Michael's hair too. Yay for family haircut day! Lol) with a cute little teary, "tank ooo" It took some getting used to but it honestly looks mostly the same, just a smidge shorter (and more uneven because the dang kid wouldn't stay still). Here's a fair summation in photo format:

We then stopped by Studio Bakery (our fave) and bought all the treats. Later on we went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant Table 6 so all in all, a good day. Sunday we just hung out. James and I ran a couple errands on Monday (including picking up birthday presents for this Saturday's party) and Tuesday we just played and then my dad came over for a bit after he got off work. Wednesday I worked so my mom came over to watch James but then I was off Thursday and we went to dinner with Michael's dad and stepmom. And yesterday I worked and my mom babysat again. 

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Extra Flaky Biscuits
Creamy Chicken and Biscuits (I mixed peas in for James & Michael and cooked chicken in the slow cooker for the shredded chicken)

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
The 2000s-Ok I'm only 3 episodes in but this is such an interesting watch (it's on Netflix)! Particularly because even though I was aware of most of this stuff, I was also a kid/teen for the 2000s so I didn't exactly have all the info. on a lot of things. I'm just finding all of it fascinating.

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