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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Something Saturdays (5/6/17)

Woo! What a week! Last Saturday I helped coordinate a beautiful wedding (for an amazing couple) at Gervasi Vineyard and everything went amazing. Sunday I enjoyed a day off, and got some food at Table 6 with the hubby. Monday I just relaxed at home. Tuesday I watched a dress rehearsal of my old high school's play (Dracula) and gave them some notes. On Wednesday, Perfectly Planned put together a completely amazing styled shoot that I am SO EXCITED about. I worked on Thursday (and I'm working today). Yesterday, I did an Escape Room with my family. My mom and aunt and grandma and some other "adults" from my family did one room while me and my teenaged cousins/their s.o.'s did another. We got out and the elder group didn't, teehee. 

Today I'm working then going back for another hangout night with the fam (we have a cousin in from out of town). What are you doing?

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Once Upon a Time-Honestly, who bought that Rumple just defeated the black fairy and that was that? Not I!

Law & Order: SVU-This was super disheartening and frustrating. Additionally-the house where they found the girls from the trafficking ring is near where I used to live in Astoria. Fun facts.

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