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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Something Saturdays (6/18/16)

I had a pretty good week! Saturday was awesome-Michael and I went to Columbus for an early wedding anniversary trip, and we got ice cream from Jeni's TWICE (both the first and last things we did there). We also went to the zoo (so much fun! Even though it was a CRAZY hot 90-something degree day, it was still a blast) and had dinner at Local Roots (I adored their bison burger! Michael was sad though because we had just seen bison at the zoo, lol.) It was exhausting, but awesome. Sunday we just spent in relaxing and getting a couple things done because...Michael went back to school again this week and his schedule is gonna be craaazy (even for him) for a bit. I miss him already :( But it's just for a short time! Tuesday was exciting because I went to help Michael's mom with her new house! They just got into it so I helped clean and move some of the boxes over from the old house. It was also my first time seeing it in person and I love love loved it. I think they'll be really happy there. And we wound down the evening eating pizza on the porch: me with Michael's mom, sister, best friend, and his brother's girlfriend. It was so nice. I pretty much sorted out our pre-qualification stuff for a house, so now I have a decent idea of what we can afford and I feel ok about it. However, then we got some bad news that (as a result of the university and, specifically Michael's advisor's incompetence) Michael wasn't actually allowed to be taking one of the classes he's taking this semester so it means that he'll be having to fit it into a different semester, making whatever semester that will be much harder than it was going to be and completely mucking up the schedule. And this is the 2nd time they've mucked him up in a manner similar to this (last time it extended his graduation date by 2 SEMESTERS. Oh bye money. And about a year's worth of living. Nice knowing you.) So we were pretty stressed and mad about that whole situation.

But it's Father's Day weekend! Yay! What are your plans? My dad is on a vacation with his family (my grandparents and aunt and uncle) in Hawaii so I'm not seeing him, but Michael and I are getting together with his dad tonight, which is always nice :)

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