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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Something Saturdays (10/17/15)

OMG...this detail about Disney characters is gonna blow your mind, lol.

I'm 5 feet tall sooo...this list.

Um....wha? Um.....

This week's happenings: Saturday we got Mexican food for dinner with Michael's dad and stepmom-and I discovered that I LOVE flautas (the ones I got were filled with potatoes...mmm!) I also officially signed with the Docherty Agency (for acting and print work) in Cleveland so that's exciting! Other than that we've mostly been just getting stuff done! Thursday we got together with Michael's coworkers for "Taco Thursday" and it was fun :) This weekend is just work and Michael doing homework. Booooring.

Posts from this week
Pinch of Yum's Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies
Mom's Pot Roast

Recipes from the blog that I made this week
Extra Flaky Biscuits
Brown Butter Pasta (I added minced garlic to the butter this time-delish idea!)
Black Bean Pico de Gallo (double batch!)

Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)
This is such a great idea--esp. because if I run out of chocolate chips/chunks these could also be a lifesaver!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-WTF is with Arthur??? And whaaaat is Emma gonna use Rumple for?

Jane the Virgin-CMON! I'm team Rafael and I don't liiiiike the way things are looking!

The Muppets-OMG....the karaoke' it. Poor Fozzie, though. And Sam, lol.

Law & Order: SVU-Ohhh the politics. It's a tough one. Also-I'm not sure if I actually believe that Declan is the father? There's something suspicious about it...I dunno.

Modern Family-awww ducklings!

Scandal-YAYYY love all around!! (Even Jake might have somebody, hooray!) And the gladiators are gladiating again....the only downside is that whole impeachment business.

The Vampire Diaries-Wow....Lilly is so weird. And ooh la la more drama over Stefan. And I'm def. intrigued by these weird 3 years from now flash forwards-I wonder how that's going to work once this season is over? Will they just skip forward to that time or let us sit and wait for the catch up?

The Originals-ahhh Hope is so cute! It's so sad that her parents can't just get along, though *le sigh* I will admit to being interested in this whole original 3 turned vampires plot point.

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