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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Something Saturdays (8/16/14)

First of all-Robin Williams' passing made me (and Michael) incredibly sad. He was such an amazing comedian and actor and, by all accounts, person-and the world is a lot less bright without him </3

Last weekend working at the Akron Hamburger Festival turned out to be super fun-I ate SO. MUCH. FOOD. Yepp. Good weekend.

This week we ordered our save the dates--Wedding Paper Divas (which is, by far, my favorite site that I looked into-the quality is awesome, and the prices are even better!) had a 40% off sale so we quickly designed and ordered them (and used their super cool "request a proof" feature--for no added fee a designer reviews your order and sends you a proof, sometimes with changes they made for design and etiquette purposes. So glad we did this because they turned out even better after that.) We used the "Chic Photo Band Save the Dates" in Rich Red-and they're postcards so yay for cheaper postage (and-btw-after the 40% off, the total for 100 save the dates was just under $80)! :P And they came in yesterday-super quick! They look great-the colors are a bit brighter than in the original pictures, and they might not be 100% amazing print quality however they look great (especially considering the price) so I'm super excited! Here's a photo (showing the front and back):

We also ordered our guest book...but more on that later ;)

Wednesday was a big day. We went and got some honeymoon information from AAA-all inclusive, inexpensive (relatively), honeymoons that would either be in Riviera Maya or Punta Cana. We're currently trying to weigh benefits and costs and such to figure out which! Then we also went to American Commodore-where we're renting the tuxedos. They were super helpful and are giving us some great discounts! Plus they helped me alter my original plans: I had intended on a red vest and tie for the groomsmen, but after some discussion we decided a black vest with red tie looks more classy and subtle. And then we decided same black vest for the fathers, but with a silver tie. And black tie for Michael. (and a cute little red bow tie for our ring bearer, Timmy!) Finally, we went to Jared to figure out our wedding bands-since my finger is ridiculously small I knew I'd probably need a custom ring again. I was right (they literally will not size rings down that small). We ended up coming up with a pretty thin, delicate, band with some small diamonds that will be curved to fit with my engagement ring. The only downside? They had to take my engagement ring away while they make the custom wedding band---2-3 months! I almost cried. I am SO sad :(. I miss my ring!

Thursday we made some progress on setting up our office/guest room which, up to this point, has just been a room full of odds and ends and junk and boxes. We also went to Cleveland to see my cousin Emily who flew in from NY to work at Maxi's (a lovely restaurant in Little Italy) for The Feast of the Assumption (which she does every year--she worked there in college and always works this event even now that she moved). So nice to see her!

and Friday and today? Work!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
True Blood-I have no clue what's happening and nobody spoil it for me! I'd been using Michael's dad's HBOGO account but AT&T now recognizes my account when I try to log his dad's account in and it won't let me use it! Grrr

Teen Wolf-what is happening to Derek?! least he found a girl. So that's nice. That opening scene with Malia and Stiles totally wrecked me, too, btw-but I'm also def. intrigued by Malia's whole birth back story and such. Aaaaaand-omgeeee Lydia's grandma/banshee/benefactor??

Pretty Little Liars-I know I'm a broken record but...ugh. This show is so off the rails. But at least Caleb and Hanna are good. And Ezra and Aria might be on their way back to good.

Finding Carter-I totally called that the day Carter thought was her birthday was actually her abduction date. I'm glad that she is staying though, and all the family stuff was adorable. And Elizabeth and David rekindling !!! And, as always, I adore Max and Taylor. They need a cute couple name...Tax? Maylor?

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