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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Something Saturdays (1/27/18)

I'm gonna dive right in.

I could never have predicted HOW WELL James did at his baptism last week, you guys! He was freaking out and super unpleasant before we left-to the point that we were running behind. Then, in the car, he fell asleep right before we got to the church and he slept THE ENTIRE TIME. He slept through being passed around and having water poured over his head (which was warm so it probably just felt like bath time) and then for pictures he actually woke up but just laid there drowsily before falling back asleep once he was in his car seat (which was good because it was still nap time). Then he slept at his party while people kept holding him until it was time to wake up and have a bottle. Then he, once again, slept some more. Like a complete angel. I was so worried he'd be freaking out with so many people (really only like 8 people but he's never been around that many at once before) but he was so so so good. And the ceremony was beautiful, Michael teared up a bunch which is always the sweetest thing. And watching his sister and my brother as the proud godparents was so precious. Speaking of my brother, seeing him with his little nephew was the best thing and it broke my heart when he had to leave (he said goodbye to me when I was in the middle of putting James down for a nap and I may have had to switch to humming instead of singing because I was crying). 
Other than that, this week has been pretty routine. Michael did take Wednesday off from work because I had my 6 week postpartum doctor's appointment so he stayed home with James. Everything was good so yay! My cousin Emily (who currently lives in NY but is moving to Boston for her post-doc fellowship in a couple weeks) also came to visit and meet the little guy earlier in the day. And Thursday Michael's dad and step mom brought us a delicious dinner as an excuse to see their grandson, of course lol. And yesterday his mom and sister came for their dose of James. 

Ooh! And in acting news, the commercials and print advertisements I shot back in November are up now. Here's one of the commercials I was in: 

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