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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Something Saturdays (7/1/17)

Hi hi hi! It's July July July!

I've had a pretty cool weekend. Last weekend was nice, I did a little shopping with the hubby hubs (got a few things we needed-an end table, a drill, a patio umbrella...stuff like that). Then Sunday we spent the whole day together: we went to church, breakfast, got Michael a new phone, got ice cream, then came home and watched a movie and hung out. On Monday I ran a couple errands (and found this amazing place called The Breastfeeding Center that has SO MUCH information and amazing products, I just wish I didn't live 30 minutes away from it!) and then hung out in the evening with Michael's mom and sister and then later on he joined us, as did his aunt and cousin. Tuesday my boss and I got dinner and then went to our monthly collaborative networking group. Wednesday Michael's stepmom took me out to Chagrin Falls for a day of fun, burgers, and Jeni's ice cream. Then we hung out with Michael's dad for a bit before getting some wood fired pizza. Thursday I just did boring work. Yesterday I went to the rehearsal for today's wedding-of which I'm the head coordinator! So it's gonna be a cuhraaaazy day. But tomorrow I get to just recover :)

What are your weekend plans?

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