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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Something Saturdays (10/15/16)

Hello hello my friends!

This week had some relaxation (hooray!), fun/baking/cooking(yay!), and still more settling in and such. I finally got to really make use of the new kitchen which I AM LOOOVING. So much space! Seriously, all my dreams have come true lol. I even finally attempted my family's recipe for scrippelle which are ONE OF MY FAVORITEST THINGS. So I was stoked-it's gonna take some practice to get them just right but they were awesome :D Last weekend was fun-we went to my cousin's daughter's baptism and that was soo nice and then we ended up getting together with Michael's friend Lizzie and her new bf (in town from Colorado) and it was so fun because we don't see her very often and we hadn't met him yet. We all had tons of fun :) This week Michael and I also took a shopping trip for a bunch of stuff we needed for the house from Bed Bath and Beyond and also Home Depot. #byebyemoney

Yesterday I got to meet one of our next door neighbors-an older gentleman named Walt who seemed super nice (and like he's got the lowdown on everyone in the neighborhood, so that's pretty sweet) and we had Michael's mom over (and she brought us dinner. Because that's what she does lol). Super fun. This weekend I just work and Michael's gonna work on homework and house stuff. Super exciting.

Posts from this week 
Weekly Meal Plan Menu (Week 33)

Recipes from the blog that I made this week
3 Cheese White Pizza (This time I omitted the truffle oil and added shredded chicken and caramelized onions)
Roasted Garlic Brown Butter Hummus (no browned butter, just some reserved chickpea water)

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-I'm REALLY liking this season: it's nice to actually see characters from the early days of the show and explore their stories more. Also Hook with the baby killed me. Need a CaptainSwan baby STAT.

This is Us-I am consistently bowled over by HOW GOOD this show is. Every episode gets me more hooked.

Modern Family-Have I said yet that Joe is my favorite part of this season? Because he is. Additionally...NATHAN FILLION!

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
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