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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Something Saturdays (5/21/16)

Hiiii guys! I'm working a wedding today (yay!) but let's chat about how this last week went, yeah? Last weekend we went to see the play my old high school did, that I helped direct, and my little sister-in-law was in: Macbeth. It actually went really well and exceeded a lot of people's expectations! I also ran into a couple people I haven't seen since high school, so that was nice! And then we went out to dinner with Michael's fam and best friend (who was the director). Super fun. And other than that...not much else has been going on. Just getting things done, working, and hanging out. Wednesday was Michael's sister's choir concert and then...yeah.

Oh yeah and one other thing happened last weekend. After the play, Michael and David (his best friend) decided to "combat train" with their sparring swords (which had been used as props for the play) and Michael ended up getting hit so hard in the hand that 1-it swelled up and 2-it bent his wedding ring into an oval. Michael was pretty sheepish and worried I'd be mad, but that's what we have insurance for lol. So it got fixed and is all fine. It's just a funny story :P

This post on Buzzfeed about having a dessert stomach is LIFE.

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ECLAIRS + SALTED CARAMEL! What's not to love?
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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-Well little Roland made me cry. Also I totally foresaw the Jekyll/Hyde thing happening to Regina.

Game of Thrones-I have got to say...I am LOVING this season. It feels like things are happening!

Jane the Virgin-ohmyGAWWWD. Poor Petra. Poor Jane. I'm assuming Michael will recover from the bullet (..?) And the wedding was so beautiful *sigh* (and reminded me of my own <3--luckily my husband was not then shot).

Law & Order:SVU-Well that escalated quickly.

Supernatural-Oh my God nonononoooo do not let...well...God...die! aghhhh

Orphan Black-big stuff happened this episode! Sad stuff :(

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