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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Something Saturdays (3/12/16)

This week was actually pretty exciting. Wednesday I met up for lunch with an old friend of mine from high school to catch up, and that was cool. But then later I met up with a local wedding planner (Val of Perfectly Planned) and after chatting and finding out we have a ton in common (we're the same age, got into/are getting into wedding planning for similar reasons, and we even got married the same exact day!) we decided to have me start assisting her with upcoming weddings and, if everything works out long-term, I could eventually be a planner for her business and help her take on more clients! I am outrageously excited and I can't wait to see how it all works out!!! And then on Friday I had a call-back audition for a union commercial I auditioned for a week and a half ago. So that was exciting--I didn't do as great as I would have liked but whether I get it or not I'm excited they liked me enough to have me in for a call back!

Today I'm flying to St. Louis to spend a few days with my best friend! I'll be there until Wednesday so, aside from today's post and tomorrow's meal planning post, I'll be pretty much off the internet (aside from Instagram, of course) until I'm home. I'm so excited to spend this time with my best and I'll fill you all in on how it went next week!

From last week's SNL-Jay Pharoah doing impressions of black comedians is amazing!

Also-in case you haven't heard-our friend Hayley, AKA The Domestic Rebel, has her very own cookbook coming out! And I highly suggest you pre-order a copy of Out of the Box Desserts: Simply Spectacular, Semi-Homemade Sweets because I'm pretty sure it's gonna change all our lives for the better.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-I love the bi song Daryl sang, so many important lesson! Lol And I'm still crossing my fingers for Greg & Becca.

Jane the Virgin-Yay Michael + Jane! And cute little Elsa and Anna *giggle*. But poooor kidnapped Rogelio!
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