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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Something Saturdays (1/30/16)

Last weekend's work wasn't too bad--I was working in my hometown so I ran into a girl from high school, my old preschool teacher, and one of Michael's coworkers. My Uncle Brian and cousin Brianna, David (Michael's best friend), and Michael all stopped in to see me as well. Kohl's was actually having 70% off on suits so Michael ended up shopping (he hasn't purchased a suit since he was 16) and he got SUCH a nice dark grey suit that would originally have been $280 and he got for $84! Yay! He looks so nice in it :) Saturday, after work and suit shopping, we had dinner with Michael's mom. After dinner I got a WONDERFUL surprise-my brother called me from basic training! He needed help getting some information for his security clearance so it was sort of rushed with me trying to find info but he was able to tell me that he's doing well and we were able to say we loved and missed each other :) Also he cleared up the address situation for his letters-he's getting everything but the letters that we're sending to the updated address are getting to him more quickly.

Otherwise this week has been fairly low-key. I rewatched all the Rugrats movies, lol. They hold up! Totally made me cry though (esp. Rugrats in Paris....I forgot about the whole "Chuckie doesn't have a mommy" storyline.) I miss Rugrats, that was a legit show.

This weekend, starting yesterday, I'm working at the International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland. Today is my long day but hopefully it'll all go well!

If you're a book lover like me...then this list will be way too real (esp. #4!)

Omigosh...please let this happen. (Princess Diaries 2 and/or Chris Pine fans...this is for you!)

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell dancing in Africa everything.

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Soup perfection.

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend-There were so many moments in this episode that made me cringe but the end was pretty cute.

Jane the Virgin-Alba is a smart lady and omgeee no! Rafael!

Criminal Minds-Oh man....that was a rough one. Probably one of the more interesting episodes they've had in awhile.

Supernatural-Michael and I were LITERALLY talking about banshees a few days before this episode (and were saying how surprised we were that Supernatural hadn't covered them yet)--and then this week...BANSHEE! And, in other news, I'm very worried about Luctiel and...oh gosh...Dean...DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR HEART TO THE DARKNESS!

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